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[Rewiev] 40190 Ferrari F138 +video

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Yesterday's visit to the Shell gas station ended up buying three Lego polybags promoting Shell and Ferrari. At the first I will review set 40190 Ferrari F138. It is a miniature Formula 1 car Scuderia Ferrari for the season 2013. Its name comes from the last two digits of 2013 and the number of engine cylinders.

Series: Shell, Ferrari

Released: 2014

Set: 40190

Pcs: 43

PPP: 0,46 polish zloty

Model weight: 0,027 kg

Set weight: 0,035 kg

Alternate build: no

Price: 19,99 polish zloty (about 5 $)

Parts list



Packaging and contents

This packaging is polybag - small, glossy bag with dimensions of 19 cm x 17 cm x 1 cm with a weight of 0,035 kilogram. Front of this plastic bag shows a section of the racetrack with pasted pictures of the finished model. I must admit that it looks nice, especially since I like combination of red with yellow. Besides, we see logos Lego, Shell and Ferrari as well as information on age-purpose, model number and name, as well as (in the lower right corner) infographic that shows that the car can be set in motion.

Back of pack is almost all red, besides the center which includes a transparent foil strip, which allows you to preview the contents. With interesting - we can see a sticker providing the originality of Ferrari.



Inside we find:

- 43 bricks

- protected instructions and a sheet of stickers




New parts

In such a small package we find new parts, which to me is a pleasant surprise.


93589pb007 Red Wedge 4 x 2 x 1 1/3 with 1 x 4 Base with 1 Black, 3 White Stripes Pattern


74967pb01 Black Wheel 8mm D. x 9mm (for Slicks), Hole Notched for Wheels Holder Pin, Reinforced Back with Yellow Rim Edge Pattern

Interesting parts

The following two items were introduced for sale two years earlier, but it seems to me interesting, and there are only in 10 sets. The first is the front axle, a second, much more interesting, is also an element of suspension, along with a mini Pull back motor.


11002 Black Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Wheels Holder Wide and Hole, Reinforced Bottom


10039c01 Black Pullback Motor 8 x 4 x 2/3

Instruction is repeatedly folded sheet of A4 paper. The simple process of building is included in the 14 steps. there is no table of elements.



Building process and finished model

As I mentioned above, the construction of the model is easy. In the following movie, which is the first aimed to video review you will see parts, new parts, build and functions.



Spare parts - very much like a set of 43 parts.


Finished model








The finished model is very neat, and how such a small scale very faithfully reproduces the original. Colors, stickers and new wheels allowed to achieve such an effect.


In addition, the model can be set in motion due to Pull back motor in rear axle. With more than one such car racing can be arranged.


+ Nice model

+ New parts

+ A lot of fun

+ A lot of spare parts


- none

High res photos - flickr


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