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Hello everyone :classic:

It's been a while since I've posted a MOC as I have been busy with

. But I am proud to now show you the latest addition to my city, Brixton Valley. It's a modular style church! It consist of over 7000 bricks and is on four 32 x 32 baesplates, although the church itself is mostly on two of them.

25780894814_94f7d6ec9f_z.jpgLEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr

It is quite large, although not as large as I anticipated when planning and building it. I was hoping it would be the largest building in town, but turns out the town hall is taller. I think it is still an impressive building for the city.

It does feature stained glass all the way around, for the photos I put my ipod torch inside to show the stained glass off, right now I don't have any plans for permanent lighting inside.

25780808694_fcd0fc1971_z.jpgLEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr

It also features a graveyard/cemetery in which are several types of grave stones and 3 large trees.

26319536321_7199a9a24f_z.jpgLEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr

So this is the basics of this MOC, should you be interested to see more photos please click here, or see below for the YouTube walkthrough tour:

Please head on over to YouTube to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel for updates. I also encourage you to comment here and on YouTube and please hit that thumbs up button if you like the MOC.

I also have a website dedicated to Brixton Valley, please head along:

Until next time, happy building :laugh:

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Nice church. It really has great authentic looks. Fantastic graveyard with some creative solutions. Brilliant!

I do feel those plates in the belfry windows should be pointing down instead of up though.

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Some people on this website show exceptional skill in making plastic look like stone. I would say you are one of them! The old weathered cathedral look really stands out in the stained glass windows which are illuminated from the inside (great touch.) I like how the roof lines up and leaves no noticeable gaps.

I would be proud if I were you. But since I'm not, I shall have to be content being jealous. :wink:

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