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Logan McOwen

MOC: Natur, Rebooted Master of Nature

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Natur, Rebooted Master of Nature


A long time before

Toa Araun was realised, this fellow was my self-MOC: Toa Natur, Toa of Nature! Although I suppose these days he’d be the Master of Nature, wouldn’t he? ;)

Natur was the star of two series I ran on YouTube back in 2008 - one on my first channel titled Toa Natur VS Makuta Pharex (

), and another series on my current channel which I regrettably deleted. Natur didn’t have much of a character past being a bit cocky.

This rebooted version of Natur not only uses parts from

an XSZ Iron Man figure, but also has its own custom gearbox! I’m not sure what to name this one yet, though.






Pose, Standing with Araun


Skeleton, Gearbox front


Skeleton, Gearbox back

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Thanks guys!

Sweet. And I just watched that video- solid gold, man. :grin:


The lime gels with the dark red excellently. I wish Lego would give us more dark red CCBS pieces!

As do I!

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