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  • 4x L Motors RWD (Geared Up 1.2x)
  • Full Independent Suspensions
  • 6x Shock Absorbers
  • 2x AA Battery Box
  • 2x V2 IR Receivers
  • Frontal Led Lights
  • Differential
  • Weight: 1250g (with batteries)

The Idea is to create an Heavy-Weight Buggy with good performances using no expensive pieces (Buggy Motors, SBrick..).

The final speed is acceptable, the torque has some difficulties in uphill but for the plain is sufficient, and the maximum speed is reached quickly.

I called it Fury Road because it reminds me so much the style of Mad Max vehicles.

I know it's a little be "naked" but I like it in this way. I putted in it some lateral exhaust pipes, a little spoiler, a cabin and some lights to improve the aesthetics. I tried to put the IR receivers in a position that seems a big engine that comes out.

Hope you like it! ;)

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I'll do it soon and I will post here (:

I still have not had the opportunity to try it outside, I think the real performances will be visible only there.

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