[MOC] Minifig-scaled Rebels GHOST & PHANTOM project

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Hi to the Eurobrick community!

I'm into spaceships, and enjoy building minifig-scale LEGO models that are both playable but also technically somewhat interesting. The Ghost ship from the Rebels series is a rather new acquaintance for an older SW fan, but as it has been said it is one of the most interesting additions to the ship spectrum of the SW world, and is suitably sized and interestingly shaped to work as a great model for building a MOC. Furthermore, as the LEGO originals have been somewhat criticized, and yet offer some interesting ideas and parts, I thought to go forward in designing a better one, more into real scale but still with some playability.

As a result, I've been now putting together a minifig-scale Ghost ship for some months. It is still very much a work of progress... My progress has not been that fast as I have only limited time and energy and have to also order some parts on the way (not really yet knowing the complete list of parts), so don't hold your breath about it being completed soon.

But as the work has now progressed to at least certain level that might also prove to be of interest of other builders, I thought of making this project public.

Here's few pictures of the progress & status:



More images of Ghost in Google folder, here:

In the folder above, I'm also gonna add some photos of the plans, both on paper, and then in vector based drawing program (anyone still remember Macromedia Freehand?) just to have some record of the progress. But currently there is only one partial screenshot, due time constraints.

As you can see, the main constraints of the design have been the cockpit windscreen (from model 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle - I think it fits well), and other parts from actual LEGO Ghost model, as well as the docking rings on both sides (hexagonal 10x10 plate with rectangle-shaped hole in center - not there yet) and the main hull as 8 studs wide (to leave proper room for interior with 6 studs hallway in cargo entrance and fit with 6 stud wide cockpit windscreen) with additional interior space on both sides that fit into the "tilted side compartments" (how should one call them?). As you notice, I wanted to fit in some spaces on both sides of the main hull, so both top floor cabins as well as cargo space on bottom floor extends from the main hull to be some 18 studs wide inside the ship. This also demanded some playing with size and structure.

Also, the actual dimensions of Ghost have been considered (around 40+ meters), but this model falls short of that in being roughly 70 studs long (23 meters?), as 120 studs model would just be too much, and even this size allows sufficient interior with two-floor structure (I guess the actual Ghost has around 3-4 levels in it).

And here are also images of the Phantom MOC that is supposed to dock with the ship, though no docking platform yet exists there. The LEGO official version of the Phantom is just way off from the actual looks, and also lacks the space to allow proper playability, so a MOC is a must for this one. For this build one main thing was to stick with the size of the 4-stud wide cockpit windscreen, while still allowing all the Ghost crew to fit inside the small ship as well. In the below photo it remains slightly unfinished, but I'm gonna update more revised photos a bit later. Nevertheless you get some idea of the design.


More images of Phantom in Google folder, here (gonna update newest soon):

Finally, while there haven't been that many MOCs of Ghost, no design emerges from nothing, and all previous designs have worked as my inspiration. Just to refer to some sources that have been helpful:

First of all, DarthTwoShedsJackson has created really detailed and in all respects admirable Ghost MOC that deserves a major kudos, portrayed also here in Eurobricks:


…There cannot be enough admiration expressed of the above, but I felt that my model should have even more focus on interior, to allow playing with figures. DarthTwoShedsJackson's model is "half minifig scale" so I thought of expanding a bit from there. Also loving his speeders for the crew, hope to make similar ones for mine.

The best Phantom MOC I found is definitely goatman461's here:


...But that model is far too big to dock with my Ghost (as it is in line with the actual size and not my 2/3 interpretation).

Another MOC of Phantom I found had some interesting ideas, as the tilted front. Here:

Finally, gavralcraw has collected several helpful exterior/interior screenshots of Ghost from the Rebels series, very useful as gradually going forward to making the interior design, here:


Thanks for all the sources of inspiration, also to those not mentioned above.

Lastly, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment this project. I'll update progress, but as I mentioned it probably isn't that fast, looking forward to perhaps finish this by the end of this year.

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Can't wait to see the ship develop. :thumbup: I'm testing the waters for my own minifigure scale ghost, so it's great to see the ship itself get more interest in the building community.

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It's a good start, I hope it's big enough. I know minifig scale is subjective, but it looks small in some areas. For instance, the cockpit looks a few studs too small, should be using an 8 stud spherical screen. The screen on top I believe is appropriate.

Have you seen vstarvn's WIP of his Ghost? though he is not as far as you, his approach seems more in scale. I also noticed you did not have much structure to yours, so I hope this thing is sturdy.

I am looking forward to what you come up with!

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I like the start, good luck. This will be a great build. Really looking forward to your detailed interior, I don't think that has been mastered yet for this ship.

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Ah, the terminology, sorry. I guess mine should also then WIP rather than MOC as it is work in progress and will remain like that for some time.

vstarvn's WIP-bits of Ghost do seem impressive, I just noticed those some days ago and thought also of that as a motivation to upload mine, as I thought the top cockpit bit is worth communicating, and haven't seen anyone using that (Jedi T-6 shuttle) part for Ghost. I'm very much looking forward to the overall scale of his MOC, I guess it's close to the actual +120 studs length (that equals the 43 meters of 'real-scale' ship). Not sure would my idea of windscreen fit that as well but as an idea I must communicate that on his page then. I'm also interested to see his idea for the hull structure.

Edit: krisandkris12 seems to have thought of this already here when commenting the above design. Didn't notice those earlier, nice alternatives for Ghost cockpit design.

The cockpit in my Ghost will surely be small. It will be I guess 8 studs wide or a bit less, and the corridor between seats will be 2 studs or even just one on the front row. It will be the absolute minimum for four seats and some space to stand behind them, but I really also wanted to get as economic as possible with minimizing the overall size of the ship while still being able to fit six figures in cockpit (+ gunner below) and all that other interior stuff. And yeah, gunner window with 8 stud dome would make sense and fit with the real scale, but I'm kind of into the real piece with stripes from official LEGO model, and quite sure 8 stud wide dome would require 10-12 studs wide main hull, whereas mine is just 8.

Overall, I agree the ship interior will be packed. Also fitting in four cabins to front will make them quite small. But I'm hoping to still get everything in in a nice way.

And re: structure... Personally I'm mostly concerned of it weighting so much that my retractable landing gear system collapses under it ;) No, seriously, currently it's already quite sturdy. The 8-stud wide main corridor can be built to be quite strong, with support from side compartments, so I'm thinking the structure will come through rather nicely. And the bottom plate visible in the photo of the cargo corridor above is just the top layer of a 'sandwhich' structure with inside space for landing gear system parts, so it is more sturdy than just a single layer plate.

I'm anyway also a bit worried of the positioning of the landing gears, as they are all three quite much in the front side. I'm thinking I have to build the front part of the ship to be a lot more heavy - and the rear part a lot more light - to be able to dock Phantom and not having the whole Ghost tilting back due to Phantom's extra weight.

Thanks for all the comments and support. I'll be uploading some pics of Phantom later this week (that is rather finished) but progress with the Ghost itself will probably be slow as it depends on few parts I still haven't ordered.

It's a good start, I hope it's big enough. I know minifig scale is subjective, but it looks small in some areas. For instance, the cockpit looks a few studs too small, should be using an 8 stud spherical screen. The screen on top I believe is appropriate.

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As I mentioned, while the Ghost is still very much a work in progress, my MOC of Phantom is quite finished. The looks are trying to follow the actual model in the Rebels series (photo at the bottom of post). Another thing was to make room for the whole Ghost crew. It's accompanied with stickers and windscreen from the original TLC model.



And the interiors with the top part removed. It can fit five minifigs and one droid, but it is admittedly quite packed then:



More images in Google photos folder:

And below my model is presented with the official model. I think the official model somewhat fails to capture the real looks, and mine is better in that respect. Plus mine has (quite minimal but still) space for all the crew.


Finally, one official photo of Phantom for comparison:


Comments are welcome. Thanks for reading!

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Fantastic work on the Phantom. You did a great job keeping it smaller but getting the overall shape and proportions. I think you have some room for improvement on the wings; try to keep that middle section skinny so you can also smooth out the grey parts underneath the folded wings. It won't be play-friendly, but it'll keep it from looking as chunky and rough. I would also sub out the lbg round plates on top with the newer white round jumpers.

On the Ghost, I'm worried you're going to have a lot of problems with the windshields being the correct proportion. I wouldn't fault you for doing it with solid bricks or with tubing like the UCS MF

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Looks very good so far. I'm amazed at how the phantom isn't even that much bigger than the official version and yet manages to hold the whole crew. I do think the wings look a bit too fat though, but I realize it's impossible to get them as thin as the real thing. The angle of the cockpit section looks a bit too much but still a huge improvement. Are you going to make the upgraded version as well? With the droid socket and bigger "engines" I mean, or make it convertible to that, that would be sweet.

Anyhow great job so far, keep it up!

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