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[MOC] Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile

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When the new Batmobile was announced I wasn't really sure how I felt about it. Over time however I have grown to like it and so I felt that I had to try and recreate it in Lego form.

Several people have already made some good looking versions of this vehicle but as always I wanted mine to be as close to minifig scale as possible, this meant that mine was going to be quite a bit smaller. I also prioritized getting the general look of the thing right instead of adding in functions, as such this is pretty much a display model without any significant features.

Overal I am very pleased with how it came out, the shaping of the batmobile was quite tricky to get right and for a while I even thought that I was never going to get it "right" but in the end I feel that I got it looking pretty close to the real thing.

Here are some pictures:









Here is Batman next to the Batmobile, as you can see it is pretty close to the size of the real thing (compared to a human)


One last picture without the machine gun on the front.

I hope you enjoyed my take on the Dawn of Justice Batmobile, have a nice day :)

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Looks really good. You captured the hood well without using the molded element.

Looks nice :)

Wow!!!!!!That is amazing, well done.

You captured the hood well without using the molded element. 4ce5.jpght4.jpg


Thank you all very much, glad you like it :classic: Creating the hood with regular bricks was quite tricky but in the end I feel that I did a good enough job so I am pleased that you guys think so to.

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