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WANTED: 5002946 Silver Centurion + 5002957 Admiral Yularen

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I need a copy of 5002946 Silver Centurion to complete my Iron Man armor collection and can't find one anywhere. I've checked every GameStop in my area, and the aftermarket prices are sky-high. I'd rather trade with a fellow EB'er then dish out $50+ to some Ebay scalper.

I'd also be open to potentially trading for 5002957 Admiral Yularen.

Here's what I have:

Retail Polybags:

30286 Christmas Tree

30275 TIE Advanced Prototype

30311 Swamp Police Helicopter

30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard

30472 Parrot

30274 AT-DP

30303 The Joker's Bumper Car

30276 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

30349 City Car

30130 Mini Black Pearl

Exclusive Minifigure Polybags:

5002145 Rocket Raccoon

5002125 Electro

5001621 Han Solo (Hoth)

5002948 C-3PO

30603 Batman Classic TV Series - Mr. Freeze


5004077 Target 2015 Minifigure Cube (Includes City Diver, Chima Wolf, Ninjago Kai, and DC Lightning Lad)

I also have a lot of lightly used CMF's, just ask. Mostly S3 and later.

I'd prefer to stay in the US or Canada, but I'd be open to trading internationally only if that deal involves the Centurion.

Please PM me if interested.

I have completed successful trades with fred67 and Legocrazy81 (now Vindicare) who can hopefully vouch for my trustworthiness. :look:

EDIT: Freeze is gone and I no longer need the Centurion, thanks to a helpful Brickset member. :classic: If somebody still wants to swap for Yularen, I'm open.

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