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[MOC] Blacktron II - Advanced Outpost & Spectral Observer

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Advanced Outpost

The Blacktron II Advanced Outposts are small bases strategically scattered through the planet. They have many uses, including storing weapons and ammunition, food supplies and battery cells. In this case we see a RAOB (Refuel Advanced Outpost Bunker). Carved on the planet surface this semi-buried structure contains several underground floors to store the MBC's (Multipurpose Battery Cell) used to fuel all the Blacktron II ships, ground vehicles and equipment. The access to the lower floors is made through a super armored blaster-door. This door also gives access to the upper floor that contains a small communication room and an observation deck from where the incoming vehicles and ships can be spotted.


Advanced Outpost by Paulo Carreira, no Flickr

Spectral Observer

The Spectral Observer is a light version of the 6933 - Spectral Starguider. This smaller vehicle is used in the Advanced Outposts. Its smaller size allows it to be a versatile ground and aerial vehicle while maintaining all the functionalities of its big brother. This single pilot vehicle is usually used in pairs because one of the Spectral Observers can lift-off and provide air support to the unit on the ground.


Spectral Explorer by Paulo Carreira, no Flickr

Hope you enjoy it.


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looks great, ah love the blacktron themes - really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing

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