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[SR - FB1] Tzomo's promotion to Captain....

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Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion

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Ooc: Not sure if this should be FB1 or FB(story)'s mainly a story entry with minor improvements to Antigone's Fury. I'd be happy for it to be a simple story build and present new build for April FB 1 & 2, just let me know....


Log Entry

2 April 616

Bastion Bay, Nest of Thieves

Captain Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer

Today we have both ships running trials in Bastion Bay.....


coming alongside on Flickr

After two fairly profitable trade runs under my supervision, Tzomo has shown great aptitude at running the affairs of a sea vessel, as well as becoming an invaluable member of our team in Bastion....


Handing over the helm on Flickr

"It is with great honour that I bestow upon you the rank of Captain, with all the responsibilities it entails....."


Honours to Captain Tzomo! on Flickr

"Men, may I present Captain Tzomo of Le Dindon!" (Huzzah's echo from the crews) "May he serve you well until his death, you deem him unfit, or both...."


Promotion to Captain on Flickr

This has been a great boon to my workload....allowing me to focus on much needed improvements to Antigone's Fury, like the new jib sails....


New Jib Sails on Flickr

...and widening those blasted hatches to the lower deck! Now we can finally get meaningful cargo down there, instead of filling her with simple raw ballast....


hatches to bottom deck on Flickr

We also placed some of Anais' new rifled chase guns at her bow....


Chase Guns - Antigone's Fury on Flickr

The crew seems happy with their new Captain......


Meeting Le Dindon on Flickr

And, let's face it......He's a natural!


Huzzah for Captain Tzomo! on Flickr


Thanks for visiting!

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Great ships! Those sails are really fine work, and together these ships look a real fleet. They are perfect in every detail. Don't you have any 'sea' to sail them on, it would improve the look even further? The rifled cannon are a fun addition too, and Captain Tzomo is terrifying. But how does he fit his hair under that hat?

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Don't you have any 'sea' to sail them on......

Well, still working on that stash of trans light blue / clear / trans dark blue's amazing how little coverage a large cup full gives.....

So, let's just say the seas were obscured by a dense, low lying fog that day....yar....yes, that is it! pirate_classic.gif

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