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Mike S

Settlement, Stormhaven, Serentia, Corrington

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Name: Stormhaven
Ownership: The Crown of Corrington
Location: Serentia
Mayor: Jack Bain
Trade Value: see accounts sheet
Stationed Vessels: none
Known Native Fauna: crocodiles, seagulls, crabs, fish (various species), mosquitos,
Known Native Flora: mangroves,

Who can own property in Stormhaven: Citizens of Corrington, Eslandola, Sea Rats who wish to remain at peace with the Empire of Corrington. Unfortunately because of the Coyle families history with Oleon, Oleon citizens are not allowed to own land in Stormhaven. (This may change depending on faction relations)
Who can freebuild in Stormhaven: Anyone



City Map:


Founded in March 616 by the Coyle family in cooperation with the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery. Located in Stormhaven Cove on the southwestern coast of Serentia, Stormhaven currently is nothing more than a small fort, docks, and lots of raised wooden walkways. The Coyle family hope to turn it into a bustling trading outpost for nearby farms, ranches, or plantations that are inland on better land. Because of the marshes, all the buildings within the settlement limits are required to be basically stilt houses. However, it is within the settlement limits that population from the neighboring plantations, farms, and ranches will gather to trade their wares with merchants coming from other islands and the old world so a handful of buildings are being constructed to provide shelter for the surrounding population when they are in town. Stormhaven at present is most definitely not a paradise like the settlements in Cocovia. It is a hot and humid place a good portion of the year, where the potable water must be brought down river in barrels or from a well on one of the nearby plantations. Insects swarm and fever is common. However as its name implies, it is currently the only port within nearly 400 miles that offers ships a safe haven from storms.

Geographical Features of Serentia: The coasts are heavily populated by mangrove trees, and the island itself seems almost impenetrable. The northwest portion of the island seems to have a suitable bay, and there is perhaps another site on the south side of the island. The thick forests and swampy marshes of the island, where most of the water is brackish or saltwater, raise the natural temperature of the interior 10 to 20 degrees. From the ocean, one can see that there are a few large mountains in the central portion of the island.

Rumors: There is a small Mardier fort on a small island off the NW coast of the island. Now abandoned. It is thought that Mardier had claimed the island, but the adventurer and his party had succumbed to something on the main island before coming back to Terraversa. The soils are very much like Terraversa, and there are rumors that vast mineral wealth is abundant within the mainland. It is a huge island, and is comparable to Terraversa. Sugar should grow well here.

Builds in Stormhaven:

(Please help me out by posting a link to your Stormhaven builds in this thread.)

Properties: 20/31

Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town'

Required for Level 4 'Large Town': 7 properties including at least x1 residence, x1 commerce, x4 factories.

Artisans: 5

Widow's Hattery, medium, Ayrlego

Post office, large, Corrington (via Ayrlego)

Commerce: 3

Stormhaven Waymart, small, Mesabi

WTC Office, medium, WTC (via Darnok)


Residences: 3

Jack Bain's House, small, MikeS

Salt Marsh Cottage, small, Kwatchi

Private Residence, small, Mesabi

Art and Culture: 2

The Mahanuhakepepepulupalo Tribe, small, CelesAurivern

The Dance of the Terran Cycle, small, MikeS

Educational: 1

Wildlife Observation Platform, small, Corrington (via Ayrlego)

Plantations: 3
Sugar plantation, small, BrickOn

Coyle Banana Plantation, medium, MikeS

Mines: 4

Stormhaven Stone Quarry, medium, MikeS

Marion River Gold Mine, medium, MikeS

Forts: 3

Fort Coyle, large, Corrington (via MikeS)

Other related builds:

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Great idea with a whole settlement on stilts, Mike! I can't wait to see it pan out.

Might I suggest you put a picture of Fort Coyle in the first post, to give an illustration of building on stilts?

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I assume you meant you added the fort to Stormhaven and not Port Raleigh, so I changed that tidbit.

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I assume you meant you added the fort to Stormhaven and not Port Raleigh, so I changed that tidbit.

Second time yesterday I messed up on a copy and paste. I am most definitely distracted.pirate_laugh_new.gif

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Stormhaven now has a town map. Those who have built there, let me know if the locations of your builds need to be moved.

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26075564971_79fa62e350_m.jpg Fort Coyle repaired after the recent pirate raid and re-licensed under the faction account as a large fort (48x48) fort as per the new (late 2016!) fort rules.

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