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[MOC] The Golden Age of Chicken Aviation 3

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ArchitectureFan and Captain Braunsfeld proudly present the next chapter of the

Golden Age of Chicken Aviation:







Within the great saga of the "Golden Age of Chicken Aviation" you are here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 <--

Edited by Captain Braunsfeld
(pictures now on Bricksafe instead of flickr)

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Can't wait for the next episode !

It is already out there!

The chickens were better off sticking to roads. :laugh: How many episodes of Chicken Aviation will there be?

How many episodes? That will depend on how many silly ideas we will have!

That should have worked...Someone is plotting against these chickens.

I think they are not as clever as they wish to be...

Topic title caught my attention... pretty funny hehe :) :thumbup:

Thanks :sweet:

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