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74 brick long Ghostbusters Firehouse and new Ecto 1

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Nice work. I know how hard it is. Nice that you take the original form of the building. I did a compromiss for my version, because one side i completly open.

And it was hard to find good reference pics of the interior. You can see that the movie was made in two different firehouses.

The outer scenes shows the classic firehouse with windows in the ground floor. But if you see the movie inside scenes, there are no windows.

But the greatest different is.....the classic firehouse has 3 floors. And the other only 2!

I have been following your huge version. Your model fits more in tune with those "Friends" height people and nothing wrong with that.

Yeah, I have been to NYC and got to see inside the firehouse.

As for the LA location, I have friends who toured it a few years ago from Denver. The LA location actually does have 3 floors and they shot interior scenes on both floors.

Egon's invention room, and Ghostbusters childhood birthday party shot on 3rd floor.

They gave me a ton of photos and the 3rd floor on the LA interior location was spectacular. Wish they used it more than just the scene for the Birthday Party at the beginning of GB2, they put wallpaper over beautiful wood to hide the "captain's quarters" and then shot Egon's invention room when Ray and Egon talk in GB2 on the phone to Peter around the 47 minute mark.

If I knew ahead of time about you seeking photos or blue prints, I could have shared all this information months ago.

The Denver and Southern California Ghostbusters group created a video which made the world of a difference. They showed all the rooms, and walked through each area so you knew what the floor plans looked like.

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So it looks like if we want to be able to build this IRL there are going to need to be some brick substitutions and I will tell you how I go in that regard

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New LDD file:

I fixed a lot of the parts issues.

Some of them like the 8x8 bricks, are support inside the floors. I made them gray, but they come in black or any other color.

Gray bricks: 1x4, and 1x6 without pin were accidents. I wish I could do a find and replace option. These should be regular.

As for anything saying "dark flesh" those output wrong. All Dark flesh is Dark Orange and exist.

Some of the parts exist in the new Ghostbusters set. Others I just cannot find in my model at this point. Looking at the pieces, most may be hidden a few are metal and I may have done the wrong "silver vs metallic silver"


Row 1: Left to right

1. Change out this piece with a dark grey or use 2 1x1 parts. I just cannot find it.

2. Those "doors" are located in garage where the hose storage is. I cannot figure ut how to create a vertical gliding garage style door.

3-6 make them whatever color you want. these are "boxes" on the shelves

7. Dog bowls, i don't know what blue they come as. I want to get them in silver.

8. Use black or grey. These are mechanical stuff, nothing special.

Row 2:

1-5 can be regular grey. I think these are random stuff.

6-7 Hinges. These are brown, in the file, and are available. Know nothing as to why they show up in error.

8. Replace with a red brown, its the table in Venkmans office. I thought it would be nice to have a dark brown table. Use 2x2s?

Row 3. That Dark orange 2x6 should be dark red. I cannot find where it is, It may be near roof.

I cannot find where I made plate dark orange. May be hidden, on the wall somewhere. Can replace with 1x2 and 1x4 i believe.

All Row 4 gray should be okay. The 1x4 and 1x6 should be normal bricks. I accidentally must have clicked the without pins somewhere.

8x8 can be black, the whole stability between floors, where this is, can be black or whatever WONT BE SEEN.

All the rest of row can be gray panel, is used as a shelf. I began to use the panels with window holes so it looks like legs, those are in dark grey.

Stools, they make grey, I don't get why its error.

All Dark orange pieces listed as error are coming up as dark flesh, uh. Nope. I did dark orange. So these should be okay i thought.

Row 6: change tile to whatever you want.

2-4part comes with ghostbusters firehouse.

5 Does exist as gold.

6 Cheese wedge, no clue where i did this, but change to whatever.

7. This was middle part of fire hydrant. My bad. Thought they came like this red color.

8. That is placeholder 8x8 plate on bottom of firehouse model.

Row 7 Pins, grey i guess.

1x4 brown, should be red brown, but if these don't really exist use 1x2.

The brown with knobs, must be hidden in wall or accidentally colored in Venkmans office wall. could be black or 1x1 red brown like others

Door comes with ghostbusters

1x4 with 2 stud knobs, should be black

1x2x3 corner. cannot find it, must be inside venkmans office. Use 1x1 and 1x2

Magnifying glass, not sure why it doesn't show up. Its black lol.

Bracket rare piece, but can be swapped out for white. its on the magnifying scope.

these gates must be the old gray.

Those pins with ball joints are grey, must be the old grey.

That pyramid base should be dark grey. Must be old colors or not showing up right.

Ignore that stupid yellow error on the hose. They make hoses that are yellow.

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This link is from the firm that did a retrofit to Hook &Ladder 8. If you scroll through the pictures there are some blueprints including the footprint of the New York Firehouse. Shows the back alleys.

thank you. I saved these. I may use this to modify the hook and ladder a bit. Or even just the alley.

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Ecto-1 LDD file

I separated the roof from the car so you can just use it to mod your existing model.

If you prefer the 3 stud wide fins, just use the same LEGO official instructions for that part. I prefer the slower angle using 4 stud wide.

1. The file contains 1 part that doesn't officially exist, metallic silver 1x2 panel. I had purchased it chromed and plan on using an echo-1 license plate sticker for it. That way you get the nice metal and lower bar as you seen in the film.

2. The black chair for some reason doesn't sit into the place. It works fine in reality.

3. Engine. For some reason the file won't shove the clip into the brick with pin hole any closer like you can in person. The engine will slide into place just fine.


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Ecto 1 is amazing but the windows and the 3 stud wide wings are not included in the file. Also working on a way to have a gurney inside and have it be able to roll out

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Found a way to open the back but I am unsure how I am going to make the gurney itself. Also added Brent's ecto-1a and the new ghostbusters ecto.


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Ecto-1 is now ready for Chrome parts.

I may buy 2 official lego white rubber banks for the blue 4mm hose instead of using brick arms double clip.

Photo 1

How did I keep the hose in place?

1. I cut down a flex cabe into 2 stud width parts. I made sure the two ends of the flex cable was facing down. I slid them into the blue hose and they keep the whole thing into place.

2. I also cut down a 1 stud width grey 3.2 mm rigid hose and shoved the flex rod into it so it would hold well in place.

3. Since I took these photos I also cut another 1 stud long grey tube and shoved it into that black round stud with hole and it holds the front flex cable in place better.

The white 1x1 cone and 1x1 round plate holding the red binoculars is temporary. I forgot to order a white telescope. It will be accurate when it arrives.


Photo 2

Closeup of the cut tube.


Photo 3

Ok, so I cut a bar ladder down and plan on sanding down the edges and try to mold it into this size. Currently I am using brick link seller's train ladders. This actually would be great if he used a mold and not 3d printing. They are a bit rough. For now, it looks good enough. I still want to take the cut ladders I di and somehow sand them down, to approximately this width and glue them together.

The clips are from Brickarms

The tiny black bar is one of the cut off parts of the ladder I am working on. It fits perfectly in this shape and size.


Photo 4

Back 1x2 panel. The real Ecto 1 has a chrome panel below the license plate. I found stickers on eBay for LEGO echo-1. I am going to cut down the plate to fir inside my chromed panel. This will look great. The stickers are already painted yellow.


Firehouse Ghostbuster sign: Same person I bought the stickers from also did replacement stickers for Kenner vehicles. I gave him the dimensions of the 3 stud wide square panel areas I need for my firehouse. He said he has one that will fit that size in his logo set. I ordered it.

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That looks perfect and I am curious where the antenna part comes from or what the ID is unless it is not an actual Lego part of course.

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the two antenna parts are technic parts.

The gray hose holding it into the connector on the side is a cut down rigid hose:{"color":86}

The other gray hose "bent" next to ladder is{"color":86}

The hub caps are from the new speed champions sets.

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Stickers are being made for the firehouse. I also bought a sticker sheet that has a ton of logos on it as well. That sticker sheet arrived today and it may work as a backup.

The following stickers are for 3x3 stud tiles.

1x4 tile sticker

1x6 tile sticker

1x8 tile sticker

2x14 tile sticker

Ghost trap option 1:

for 1x1 brick, 1x1 plate, 1x1 plate modified with clip.

Ghost trap option 2:

for 2 plate height ghost trap



Containment Room

Blue Render

Final containment room layout. The black bricks behind the tan wall is my containment. You open the hatch, slide the trap in it and close the door. You push a black rod on the other side to slide the trap forward outside the hatch. Simple.


Details of the wall.


The generator and shelves


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That containment room looks awesome and I really love the ghost traps you have made to go with it. They look really to scale.

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Thanks. The ghost traps can be attached to strings with end knobs. You can use the one end as the foot peddle. You can also buy one of the strings with a know and bar and use that as the handle for the second and third ghost traps.

As for the containment room, I will need to bend the hoses to fit the holes in the walls and gray electric boxes. I feel like the containment room should be smaller, but I won't be able to fit all the correct panels and such on the back wall to look correct.

Overall I am happy with these LDD files and have slowly been ordering parts for the massive project.

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My fiancee pointed this out to me online:

While looking for toys for her son, she saw that the front of the car looks like the Ecto-1. She is right. If I buy 2 of these sets, I can get 4 curved front pieces that would come to a point above the ecto-1 headlights. Of course they don't create a curved top, like the roof top wedges do, but that is a sweet alternative option. Also check out those awesome white wheel wells. That might work well for my Mach 5.


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So I got my hands on the official firehouse set and I was wondering if you had a list on what printed or sticker parts from it would work well in the MOC because I have also been ordering parts for that for a while now.

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I can do that.

I also have been buying a lot of printed tiles for news papers, letters, city maps, computer buttons, etc for the offices, tables, walls, and computer and electric generators.

I think i will use all the tiles and stickers.

Stickers are going to basically go in the rooms they reside in the official set. The maps will go on the tiles in the second floor on the wall behind the couch near the pool tables just like in the film. The photos will stick on 2x2 tiles and the wall in the photo dark room. The 1x8 "75827 firehouse 75827" now will go on the 1x8 brick I have in the front similar location. The containment will be placed on the 2x2 tile in that model. The 2x2 ghostbusters logo will not be used. I have custom 3x3stickers now. I may use them for something else. I will cut the telephone dial into a perfect square so it fits onto the 1x1 chest wedge phone I made for Janine desk. The computer monitor screams will be placed on 2x2 tiles for computer monitors.

I will scatter the news papers and such in Venkmans office.

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Stickers arrived and I'm happy with them.

I am also waiting on my last order of chrome pieces to arrive so I can take awesome photos of my Ecto-1

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I decided to separate out the car from the firehouse. I wish I could modify the title and get rid of the Ecto-1 part.

Anyways, you can view the final ecto-1 here

I will continue using this section for WIP stuff.

Update on stickers. The company didn't used a sealant and the ink rubbed off. I am going with another company.

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Rebrickable approved my final Ghostbusters firehouse.

You can use that site to order parts!

It's only 12,302 LEGO parts.

I finished going through all my LEGO parts list and organized the various colors into bags. I still need to order about 1,000-2,000 parts, but getting closer. I will take a picture of all the bags of parts it will take to build the huge firehouse. Right now, I filled the entire Official Ghostbusters LEGO box with these bags.

I will probably buy the containment room parts while I finish up my last few part orders so I can build that first. It will take much less time and probably look pretty awesome with all the cool LEGO stickers and printed tiles.

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Haha! I have half of the pieces required. It'll only cost another grand or so...

That is exactly why I haven't started to build it yet. Once I gather all the necessary pieces I will post pictures of the WIP.

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Now that I almost have all the pieces purchased I began constructing the floors. I realized that the length of the structure will cause the middle to bend so I went back to the LDD file and began reworking the floors. I also made additional modifications to the file since several pieces didn't exist in the color yet. I mainly got rid of Medium Dark Flesh because I discovered how rare and expensive it is to do one of the rooms. I changed the panel to tan in the game room. I also went back to the sand green in the garage and fixed some of the rare pieces to accommodate more accessible pieces. I also made the sand green round pillars different to fix the hard to find issue. 

I need help building instructions since I have a Mac and Blueprint isn't working on it yet.

New features in the LDD file, each floor is grouped so you can hide or delete each floor to make the instructions work better. I had many people ask me over the last few months why the instructions were not provided. I simply cannot do it yet. 

I cannot figure out how to attach links to images anymore.I will solve this. Click on the link to see images and new LDD file.

Firehouse images


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