[SR - Ch2 CatA] Beachhead

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Dramatis Personae:

Sea Rats


Ethylene Glycol

Professor of science. A former faculty member at a prominent Corrington university, she was dismissed after failing to have her grants and fellowships renewed as a result of years of failing to publish in peer reviewed scientific journals. Railing against the scientific institution's insistence that data obtained from experiments must be reproducible and come from well controlled rational approaches to testing a model, Professor Glycol has decided to start her own university of higher learning at the Port of Bastion, where she can do science the proper way and publish in her own independent journal with herself as the sole reviewer, unfettered by the rules of the intellectually inferior.


Lucy Liu

Sixth year graduate student with no publications. Bitter and jaded, with hatred for the entirety of existence, Lucy followed her advisor to the Port of Bastion, because no other faculty members would accept her as a student after being already mentored by Professor Glycol. Highly intelligent and talented, she has languished in academic hell for the past six years, trying in vain to get her advisor to adopt the practices of the other science professors.


Wilhemina Savore

Call me Willy.


Alois Bieber

First year graduate student with no publications. As a former Olean soldier in the Order of Faith, he was a leader against the principles of science, when he attempted to disrupt a seminar being given by Professor Glycol. Instead, he found himself understanding her talk and becoming interested in the subject. Confused and bewildered, he spent two years soul searching until he was able to accept that he had been wrong his whole life. Alois then sought out Professor Glycol, explained his scientific enlightenment, and became her student.

Previously, http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=122535...

Currently, near Rasillon...

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg As part of our service requirements to the university, we've been asked to contribute to the defense of the settlement of Rasillon.

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg What university?! There's no university! In fact, we haven't built anything in a month!

24426191796_299bf13634_t.jpg PROCRASTINATION!!!

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg The last thing we did was sing and dance our way out of a Mardier prison!

24426191796_299bf13634_t.jpg LIKE A PONY!!!

24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg The entries for Challenge 2 are due now, so here we are. Anyway, since Wilhemina is a civil engineering student, I've asked her to design and construct defensive structures to protect our future campus location. Wilhemina, if you'd please.

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg Thank you, professor. Right now, we're standing on top of a bunker I've designed and built, which guards part of the coastline of The Nest of Thieves around Rasillon from would-be invaders.


25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg It's designed with a sloped front to deflect incoming enemy fire and has had the entire surrounding area leveled and cleared to eliminate hiding places and cover that may be used by enemy sappers. It's armed with a pair of 36-pound cannons and is connected to other similar bunkers via a network of trenches that will allow friendly troops and supplies to move safely from one structure to the next.


24369951161_932640e54d_t.jpg Excellent work!

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg I...I have to say...I'm impressed, Willy.

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg Thank you, professor. Thank you, Lucy. I've always found siegecraft concepts to be interesting, so I was happy to get the opportunity to apply it for once. Moving down these stairs, inside the structure there is space for a bunk, a weapons rack, and food stores so that a small contingent of troops can be garrisoned here, maintaining watch over the coastline.



24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg You did this all within a month? By yourself? That's a lot of stone. How did you manage to pull this off?

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg Stone? What stone? According the rules of the challenge, I had to make due with the limited resources available at this point of the game. This structure is made of sand.

24426191796_299bf13634_t.jpg SAND CASTLE!!!

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg @$#%%&*^*@#%%&*#$@#$#^%#$#!!! YOU BUILT BUNKERS OUT OF SAND?!?!

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg Yes?

24156803900_a3a468091d_t.jpg I...I don't even. First, it's not going to stop @#$%^$!@%^%@. And what happens when it rains?!?!

25072137740_cca27f30d8_t.jpg Oh, huh...rain. I knew I forgot to account for something...


Comments and criticisms are all welcome!

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Yay! Pombe is back with yet again one "recreational moc"!!! We, your fans love you! Ahahahaha!


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Haha, good one. I was wondering about the perfect colour coordination with the beach. :laugh:

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The part where "Willy" says `we're standing atop...' with the picture left me laughing, it played in my mind like a scene from the Simpsons or Family Guy where you suddenly get those silent and still images during a conversation in those sort of cartoons.

Lovely story once more, and great build

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