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Sir Stig

[ESL-CH2A] Forgotten History (part 2) - Paradise won, but at a cost.

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After weeks of scourging through every book from the Order, Colonel Oystridge finally found more transcripts from the journal without an author.

"It was a disaster. I would never have thought Commandante Grandiego was capable of such vile acts. Even in the face of such indignity. The fort was merely finished, before we were surprised by Oleon forces attacking from land. How had they managed to get there without notice is a mystery."


"They caught us by surprise and the disciplined Olean forces slaughtered most the Eslandolan army and they made a steady advance."


"Commandante Grandiego, one of the most esteemed warlords of the Eslandola Empire, lost his wits. Even if he had heard about the new weapons that Corrington and Olean had rolled out through their ranks, this was the first time he experienced their devastation. They put the fear of Hades in him."


"As Grandiego ordered his men to lay down arms, a young redheaded corporal had already charged the Oleans flank with a few mercenaries."


"Their attack was ferocious. Brutal. Savage. the exact opposite of the Olean tactics, and they were overwhelmed by the fearless assault."


"When the Oleon commander fell by a shot from the young corporal, the rest of the Oleon army surrendered."


"But it was what happened after the battle that Eslandola never should forget. Commandante Grandiego pride was so hurt that he punished the young corporal for disobeying orders, instead of promoting him for winning the battle. The Oleon prisoners of war never came reached the settlement. This dishonorable conduct was to much for the young red headed corporal. He deserted soon after with his trusted friends. Some say he was hunted down and killed. But rumors persisted that he turned to pirating."

So ended the journal entry. Colonel Oystridge stared out the window towards the inlet of the bay. "I think I have to take a walk out to and around the old fort. I suspect I have to write a letter the Oleon Crown, if the story turns out to be true. Ouh.. those poor families. They need to know the truth...". He sighed and fell a tear in the silence of his chamber.

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Great story, you've captured the unsavoury subject of unhonourable conduct well. The scene is great too, I like the inlet/stream you've created in the sand, looks very realistic, it would be quite a nice place to be on a day without the bloodshed :-)

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