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Sir Stig

[ESL-CH2A] Forgotten History (part 1) - Birth of Bardo

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56 years or more have passed since Eslandola claimed Bardo, but the details of what happened have been forgotten as time have gone by.

Colonel Oystridge flicked through the pages of some of the books he had recieved from the old branch of the White Glove Order. As he flicked through the pages he found part of a journal mentioning the conquest of Bardo.

"The Oleans have managed to secure Lebellan. It is a mystery how they managed to send those amount of troops, with the turmoil on the continent. Nonetheless, we must push forward, and make a safe haven for Eslandola. The scales must not be tipped. I have adviced Commandante Grandiego to secure the inlet of a lagune on the northeast part of an island south of Lebellan."



"Commandante Grandiego is said to be the man to lead Eslandolas army to victory. I have heard stories of his many victories, and his skills with the sword makes grown men shiver. But after he lost his shield arm, I have some concerns. He is a sturdy man, but his gaze have been void and lately he seems to be lost in his thoughts."


"I must trust he has everything under control. I am reassured by the fact that he is often down by the shore and checks upon the fortification."


"I hope he does not fall for the curse, as the signs have foretold. He must stop the Oleans from taking An Toli. Or we will all be praying Zeus to spare our lives sooner than later..."

Colonel Oystridge raised his eyebrow. "Well, that's strange. Where is the rest of it?"

His curiosity was peaked and he dived into the old books from the Order. He had never really been interested in the Orders stuff. He had been in it for the doubloons and influence. Perhaps it was time to delve deeper into the Orders writing and annotations.

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Soms cool landscaping, and altough I'd have added some more water 1x1, I like it

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