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Hi guys :)

I am usualy exclusive for the Historic subforum, but I don't know what is it in last few months, Ive, been posting into Disney with Fable and Sci Fi with Pandora, Chima with Frostbyte and Stempaunk with pirates - crazy few months for me ;)

Now, I am here in action and adventures with this small diorama made for upcoming Lug's United exhibit (Belgrade, September)


I tried to incorporate beautifull sets that the rlug got as support into a meaningfull dioara - with a twist: the whole exhibit will be in a darked room, so lights are essencial - take a look:




and withouth lights:




For more pictures visit here

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That's really a super diorama! I like the playability of your creation and that you combined a few different ideas in one set. The combination of unusual colours looks great. How long have you been creating LEGO dioramas to get such imagination? It looks very surrealistic. Do you have any pirate projects?

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Awesome! I always thought of a diorama that's a florescent forest type thing, but now not only do we get that, but it's also Possession themed! Coats off to this.

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Thank you, guys :D


yes, I've been building since I know of myself, literary from when I was an infant :D My first LEgo set was bigger then me, Duplo :) Still have parts of it :) And yes, I've been making steampunk ships, and I will make topic during this week and link it here :)

Until then, here is a little sneakpeak:

the good ones:


the bad ones:



Btw, you are in Russia? I am in Serbia :) you must visit us in September on Lugs United exhibit :)

Severus A

Hi! :) Glad to see you ;) Touch the bridge :D

btw, if you wish to do so, you can send pm msg to any admin or moderator about your status as RLUG ambassador, and you will get ambassador.png badge and some (I didn't go into details which one) opportunities regarding topics with ambassadors


Take a look at Mirage Dragon topic, it has underwater trans eon green details:


Again, guys, thank you for nice words :)

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I'm not sure what's happening but each one of these mocs are equally impressive in their own right!

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