Star Wars Constraction Alternate Builds

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I feel we need a topic that anyone can use to show off any changes they make to any of the current Star Wars sets and future ones.

I'll start with a mod to Darth Vader that gives him a custom gearbox along with other minor changes. Like giving him Kylo Ren's cape and a place to store his lightsaber when not in use












Lxf file http://www.brickshel...orso_geared.lxf

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This reminds of that one time when my LEGO store had an event where you could build your own Star Wars Constraction figure. I ended up building a Darth Vader monster with 3 additional Luke heads on his hands and back.

Once I displayed it, some guy came along and said "What is this, it scares me." :grin:

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When that was going on at my nearest LEGO store, I ended up making some sort of mantis abomination with two Luke heads as eyes. Also, that Rey monstrosity looks vaguely like someone grafted her head onto a droideka.

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I just had the thought that it would be funny to see someone attempt to make a Minecraft Wither with parts and 3 heads from the Darth Vader/Kylo Ren figures :laugh:

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