Monsieur Roseabeau, your royal patent of nobility has arrived! Hmm... Hmm... Monsieur! Hmm... My what now, Frederick? Your patent of nobility, Monsieur. You have been knighted in the name of His Majesty, remember? You are a noble Knight of the Realm now. Does it come with a Lego-Store coupon? I'm not sure I understand, Monsieur. Never mind, never mind... Has the Eltina timber convoy arrived yet? But... Monsieur! Becoming a Knight of the Realm is an outstanding honor! Hmm... Hmm... Please inform me as soon as that convoy arrives – we are in desperate need of timber! How am I supposed to run this arsenal here without a working timber supply?! Foolish Eltinians never get anything done reliably... Oh, and well, put that patent on the pile of letters over there, I've got work to do now. Speaking of arrivals, Monsieur, le Monarque will arrive in Breshaun tomorrow. What now? His Majesty is taking yet another tour des colonies? Or does he want to make sure his nobility patents are handled 'honorably'? Monsieur, I'm afraid you are mistaken. It's His Majesty's ship-of-the-line le Monarque, not His Majesty himself. Remember, commodore d'Alban is scheduled to meet with you for the presentation of... Yes, yes, of course, that had slipped my mind. Hmm... means I'll be sitting over these plans for a while longer then. And one last thing, Frederick... for the 928th time... please stop addressing me as Monsieur – we aren't in Granoleon here. Bien sûr, Monsieur le Chevalier!   This is just a small scene to introduce my new sigfig Corentin Roseabeau, royal naval engineer, architect, and supervisor of the 'Arsenal Royal de la Marine' in Breshaun. More to come soon