[M - F03] Flight test.

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Location: Forring (F03)

Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Henry Moose, personal log. The Horizon has rejoined the fleet at Lesser Drigo, whilst the modifications of the Flashbulb fighter are underway to begin our gate experiment. In the mean time I have been assigned to test the YF-017 prototypet. So I'm taking it to Forring to provide a little lift and shift help for our current operations."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "So far, results are promising. Not only does she look cool, her cockpit looks a bit like our corporate logo. Hmm, maybe I've been in Octan space too long..."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "The twin fusion sub-light drives produce a huge amount of thrust."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Which is further enhanced and precisely modulated by the annular accelerators in each exhaust giving excellent throttle response and precise control."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "A twin Death Ray BlasterTM turret on top gives excellent protection."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "She has the capacity to mount a number of weapons or equipment modules under the fuselage."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Which allows her to act as a drop ship for vehicles so as the MPV-9 Bushpig."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Which is itself a pretty nifty ride."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Notable features include a directional scanner array and a twin tube APHID missile launcher for self-protection."


I seem to be channelling star wars again this week with a MANTISified Y-Wing! It was definitely a fun build and is extremely swoosh-able.

It may be somewhat hard to see in the photos but the Bushpig does actually attach to the ship via 3 droid arms which extend from the middle of the fuselage.

I plan on returning to my missing ship story arc shortly, but have a few more bits and pieces to map out before I can do so.

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Very nice - especially the drop ship function - I love that! :sweet:

The Bushpig is really nice too - it's got great shaping :thumbup:

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Very cool engine nacelles. I like how more builders are making dropships that can haul land vehicles.

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Man the YF-017 is a superb build. No studs in sight. That its an excellent use of stickers too. The shape reminds me a bit of a star trek shuttle. The parts used on the engine are great too.

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