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Felipe de la Manzana is on the trail of the Golden Apple. To find some clue about its location, he thought studying the Ténotclaxcans was the best idea. Here Felipe is searching for a scientific help...

Heading Quinnsville, Cocovia, the new settlement of Lord Smaugton, Friend and member of MAESTRO in Corrington, Felipe encoutered a new fisherman ready to work for the Trade Company.

So he managed to help him to settle a fishing business in cocovia.

As he arrived near the Corleander settlement, Felipe saw the value of this new fisherman (here it is, if you missed it). So he decided to salute him and see how the business is.

- Are you sure it's here ? Asked Felipe to his escort.

- Yes sure, sir ! answered shortly the guard.

- Ah ?! I thought it would be bigger... sadly commented Felipe.

The fisher's commerce was just a small shag along the beach with a little wharf already installed. Of course, for such a young colony it was fine, but Felipe forgot what it was to settle a new town.

It was his friend, Lady Elysabeth, who took the responsability of the new MAESTRO settlement in Berelli, and Felipe de la Manzana didn't stay too long in the island. So he knew few of what to do to develop a new town. The only thing he was sure of, a new town is needing money, and food ! A businees in which Felipe was master.


The fishing boat was just arriving with captain Santiago. Felipe yeld a "Yohoo !" Santiago answered joyfully, the fishing party was, again, a lucky one...


- Welcome Sir ! Said Santiago landing the wharf.

- How do you do ! Take an apple ! Welcomed Felipe, Santiago declined the apple politely.

- I thought your business was more developped here ! continued Felipe.

- Ah! No ! of course not ! we are in a very young settlement here in Quinnsville. But what are you doing here ? you are not only here to see me ? Are you ?

- No, No I am here to hire some of the best scientists Lord Smaugton could find me to study the Ténotclaxcans. I think they are hiding some secrets about my quest !

- Ah great news ! you are progressing though you lost the Appleseed, I thought you would let it go...

- No ! I will never give up this quest ! Interrupted Felipe.

- Ok Sir, I did not want to bother you...

- No worry... I have to leave... I am going to see those scientists. So good luck with the fishing wharf here, and goodbye.

- Thank you Senor Felipe ! Goodbye. Concluded Santiago discargoing his catch.


To be continued in Tomsche part...

I am continuing the mad quest of Felipe and I found a collaborative work to do with Tomsche, a.k.a. Lord Smaugton. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Very nice house and I love the little boat!

The scientists have been found, i`ll do my best to introduce them asap ;-)

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Cute flamingo! Nice shack as well and the boat looks great! :thumbup:

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Neat build and story, Faladrin, I'm kind of wondering what ever he will do with it if he ever does find that apple! Eat it? pir_laugh2.gifpirate_laugh2.gifpirate_tong.gif The wharf and palm tree here are particularly excellent, and of course that boat is nice as well! pirate_wink.gif

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Neat little scene. The hut and sloped dock look nice and I like that you included the little fishing boat. It's a typical setting for the time.

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