Kodan Black

[O - E01] Hydroxic Acid Analysis

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Location: E01 Donwarr

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building, Science



Dr. Allison had managed to predict the mystery ship's path as Donwarr. Fortunately our Octan fleet was arriving there by coincidence! While we were in the system we decided to do some analysis of the local water supply. Dr. Allison went ahead with ED-208 to one of our water pumping stations and began her work. I was glad that we were all back together and it was re-assuring having ED-208 to keep an eye on Dr. Allison. Though she had gained some field experience she was still a bit of a rookie and I wanted to make sure she was safe.


Once we had collected some samples I filled a few containers and loaded them into one of our work trucks to haul back to a shuttle. I wanted to send the samples up to the Axle both for storage but also further analysis. While Dr. Allison is a talented scientist and our water pumping station had the ability to do some preliminary scientific analysis we would be best served doing a proper analysis up on the full labs of the Axle.


As I was driving to the shuttle one of our fleet commanders informed me that another mystery ship had been spotted. This one seemed less like a dropship and more offensive in nature. They suspected the large circular thing at the front was some form of weapon. And it also appeared to have significant electronic data gathering capability. We'd have to be careful and figure out who these mystery ships belonged to!


Extra Pics:

I wanted to do one bigger cohesive scene this week. Usually I would do this as 2 separate builds but I wanted to try and make it all one scene. Part of what I like about AG is it gives me a chance to work outside my usual build style and try new stuff!





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great build, the wall mounted lights are fantastic, the clean smooth interior is offset nicely with the dense flora outside

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Yeah, it's great to see the builds combined :thumbup: I like the shape of the ship too - good use of the new pyramid slopes!

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