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[MOC] In the wilderness of Kashyyyk

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Today I present my first MOC I am posting on Eurobricks:- "In the wilderness of Kashyyyk". The idea behind the MOC was to create a "slice" of the world that is Kashyyyk. I've chosen a bright colour scheme to work with as I feel it keeps the MOC rather upbeat as opposed to a fairly dark colour scheme which may be more accurate but more gloomy.

Anyway, here is an overview shot.

25793622990_0dd247d394_c.jpg20160327_130539 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr

A reverse shot of the scene.

25463900063_8078a3c7fc_c.jpg20160327_130513 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr

From the foliage near the river.

25793634330_1e6bfaec36_c.jpg20160327_130826 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr

Without the figs.

25973948572_a83e4af7af_c.jpg20160327_125217 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr

From the back

26000127511_dce1bb6a8c_c.jpg20160327_125245 by badgersdontvote, on Flickr

Thank you for looking, I hope I have formatted the pictures correctly and to an appropriate size. If you have any feedback or would like some more photographs, I would be most gracious.


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Nice Moc :wink:

I have two critics to do on your diorama. The first one is about the picture : try to remove anything that catch the eye away from the subject, like your mousepad, or your PC toolbar. Then about the MOC itself, I tend to view Kashyyyk as a vertical planet because of the big trees. So you could have placed minifigures on the tree, or add another tree, to make the diorama highter than wide.

Still, your diorama is quite good.

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