[MOC] Venom Symbiote

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This is inspired by Spiderman 3 (2007). I still love the spiderman played by Tobey Maguire.

Recreated the scene where Peter Parker was trying to get away from Venom. Subsequently, it transferred to Eddie Brock Jr.





Closer look at my custom Venom.




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This is a wonderful model! The scene between the 3 characters (or 2 1/2? :tongue:) couldn't be done better! I am also

The only adjustments that I'd want: I think it would make more sense if the castle-y wall decorations (spears, cobweb) were replaced with something more fitting a cathedral: windows, crosses, statues. Also if you could suspend a bell in it somehow...

But, great great character piece and the scale of everything is perfect.

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Yesss! NPU with the sausage tongue! Peter coming out of the Symbiote looks very creepy and unnerving, in a good way! My favorite part of this MOC has to be the Symbiote puddling and dripping down off of the upper level.

Using those black antennas makes it looks like the thick, goopy Symbiote is slowly oozing onto Eddie.

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I do like the dripping of the symbiote.

Didn't the actual scene use rods or a bell or something to "break" away the symbiote?

Otherwise, neat build. Very interesting.

And after this movie, how many times have you seen Tobey McGuire or Topher Grace in anything? Maybe Spiderman is cursed too, since they keep changing that actor also.

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