Warlords of Nocturnus: Gryphen Hammerking: Stage 1

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This is my entry for Stage 1 in the Warlords of Nocturnus community build. My warlord is Gryphen Hammerking.




Gryphen Hammer was always a tall dwarf, and all dwarves want to be tall. No, don't get me wrong, dwarves understand that they are so strong because of how short they are, but they still wish to be taller. So Gryphen was respected for his height, and he was always friendly and a good leader. He was never afraid of a fight, either. So when the old king died without any family left alive, there was no doubt Gryphen should be the next warlord. The suffix -king was added to his name, and he was then known as Gryphen Hammerking.

About the build:

The build is Gryphen Hammerking standing outside of the Lone Tower, one of the many outposts in his land. Unfortunately, the Tower was built for a normal sized dwarf, so Gryphen is a bit tall for it.

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