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This thread will consist of links to the various builds I make for BOBs. I enjoy keeping track of how a story progresses but sometimes it is hard to do without re-reading a previous section.


Intro: Silent Wolf                                                             
FB: "Flying Colt"                                                              
Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen!                                            
FB: Back at the Ranch...                                                  
Ch1 CatB: Where only the strange men go
MRCA Jan: Attacked by Privateers
FB: Returning to the fiancee
FB: Arlinsport Blacksmith
FB: "Alexander"
Ch2 CatA: Defending Horses against Pirates
Ch2 CatB: Unexpected Attack
FB: Selling the Best Steeds
FB: Time at home
MRCA Feb: HMS Whisper, A Captured Ship
FB: The Late Alexander of Wolfhaven
FB: At the Lawyers
MRCA March: The Alexander Springs a Leak
FB: "Golden Filly"
FB: Captured Ship, El Bellos
FB: Chief's Longhouse
FB: Trading with the Whole Village
FB: Founding a Colony
FB: Selling Captured Ship, Blind Jack
MRCA April: Ransom for Captured Crew
FB: Captured Ship, Bagg of Bolton
FB: Captured Ship, Hunter
FB: Fort di Legno
FB: The First Election
MRCA May: Captured Ship, Don Obello
FB: WETEC Military Headquarters on Isle de Romantica
FB: Preservation of Food
FB: Those smelly pig farmers... oh, bacon!
FB: The Present Will Be History
FB: We have found gold!
FB: The art of horses and war
Ch4a: Traitor at the Livery
FB: The Bittersweet Mug
FB: WETEC Manager's Residence
FB: Blue Rooster Inn
mC Octoberfest: Juggling for Partygoers
mC Octoberfest: The Art of Swordfighting
FB: Hi, ho, quicksilver, away!
mC Gangs of Charlatan Bay: Mafia of Charlatan Bay
mC The Grand Road: Ruts on the Road
mC The Kings Demise: It Taunteth Me!
mC The Kings Demise: Micah's Reaction
FB: Garden of Arlinsport

Ch 5A Dante's Work
FB: Before we get married
FB: Wedding Bells
Ch 5A Hannah's Work
FB: From all over they have come
Ch 5E Hidden Beneath the Falls & Through the Falls
FB: Burnt out house
FB: Roasting the beans
FB: Leaving Nova Malto
mC NTSC: WETEC in Trador
mC NTSC: Onondaga Leather Ball Team

         Mayor of Elizabethville, Lacryma

List of Ships Owned: 
Flying Colt 3
Alexander 3
Pinto Filly 4
Don Obello 5
Octavia 5 (unmocced)
Soupfish 4 (unmocced)
Nightmare 2 (unmocced)

Edited by SilentWolf

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Handy! Would you mind if I post my links here as well, so we can make a little index of this?

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I wouldn't mind if people wanted to create an index of their builds. I knew it would probably get buried fast so I just intended on editing it and linking it back to myself. However, since people need to keep track of minifigures used now, this might be a preferential idea to have a thread with links.

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