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Review: Lego Ideas 21302 The Big Bang Theory + video

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Hi guys. This is my firts time to make a review in english (better say mini review).

I want to show you amazing set 21302 The Big Bang Theory from Ideas series.

Series: Ideas

Year: 2015

Set: 21302

Pieces: 484

Price per piece: 0,12 $

Model weight: 0,380 kg

Set weight (whole box): 0,782 kg

Price: £49,99 / $59,99 / 59,99€ / 259,99 zł


- Bricklink

- Brickset

The Box

Box is medium sized (35 cm x 19 cm x 5,5 cm), quite heavy (almost 0,8 kg) and is decorated in white and black colors. At the top of the box you will find a large photograph of the finished model. On the back of the box, we see three photographs of details of the model and the presentation of seven minifigures. Opened box is almost full. We can find inside:

- unprotected instructions and stickers sheet

- 5 bags with bricks (two with numer 1 and three with numer 2)

- 3 loose tan plates




The Instructions

The instructions are a single thick book (104 pages) with glued bindings. Paper is very good auality, bette than in ordinary sets. Besides building process we can find some informations about The Big Bang Theory series and characters, set designers and part list. On some pages we can find short quotes from each charcter. Very nice.



New parts


3005pb026 White Brick 1 x 1 with Red Asian Character (Chinese 'Rice') Pattern - 2 pcs


3069bpb399 Dark Orange Tile 1 x 2 with Radio Frequency and Buttons Pattern - 1 pc


3069bpb398 Dark Bluish Gray Tile 1 x 2 with Radio Antenna Lightning Pattern - 1 pc


3068bpb0674 Reddish Brown Tile 2 x 2 with Suspension Bridge Pattern - 1 pc


6179pb091 White Tile, Modified 4 x 4 with Studs on Edges with Blue Whiteboard Formula Pattern - 1 pc


87079pb224 White Tile 2 x 4 with Multiphoton Mathematical Pattern - 1 szt

Pieces in new colours


4599b Green Tap 1 x 1 without Hole in End - 1 szt


3832 Dark Orange Plate 2 x 10 - 3 szt


30106 Medium Azure Minifig, Utensil Crystal Ball Globe 2 x 2 x 2 - 1 szt


90398 Blue Minifig, Utensil Trophy Statuette - 2 szt


Amy - her head, torso and legs are unique

25817236822_b8258dc3a5_n.jpg 25843063731_08a2ee5f89_n.jpg 25309295473_a82f7f24f5_n.jpg

Bernadette - her head, torso and legs are unique

25817236472_02d5d1023b_n.jpg 25912103106_137e13fd3f_n.jpg 25912102636_a6dbcd19a1_n.jpg

Howard - his head, torso and legs are unique (look at his belt)

25912102566_4babfdc4f6_n.jpg 25305308244_ea3a747d7a_n.jpg 25938021835_f56016ab98_n.jpg

Leonard - his hair, head and torso are unique

25309294393_16e83211f0_n.jpg 25817235552_c25c8ed0e4_n.jpg 25912101916_f122d62de3_n.jpg

Penny - her head and torso are unique

25637439910_2502f04f10_n.jpg 25912101636_5a5b6ddb75_n.jpg 25843062091_bb3888c9e4_n.jpg

Raj - his head and torso are unique

25843062001_60e6a72be5_n.jpg 25637439330_e8ff41f56f_n.jpg 25309293163_8e16b1e483_n.jpg

Sheldon - his head and torso are unique

25912100626_9d998a950e_n.jpg 25843061151_99c258e3e4_n.jpg 25912100056_01ce4246da_n.jpg

Building Process

Be so kind and give me a thumb up and subscribe. Thanks.

Spare parts


Completed model




Final note

I find this set very interesting. Maybe because I am a fan of TBBT series. Set has many, many parts. If someone wants to make some stop motion vidios here he has a stage plan, actors and props.

But there are some bugs.

The included whiteboard is the scale for giants and falls with almost every touch.


The same applies to the table in the living room - on this scale, it remindes me more a bar table not a coffee table, with which we are dealing in the series. And it is unstable - mounted on two studs when easily it can be set to four studs.


Girl minifigs through their long hair have a problem with sitting down on the couch - minifig must be unnaturally leaning forward. From sitting down on a armchair they should rather resign.



+ Unique minifigures about it until seven pieces

+ Sensational provider of parts for MOCs

+ Considerable amount of additional blocks

+ Very nice execution model

+ Nice box

+ Robust manual


- Errors in scale implementation of certain objects

- Unstable whiteboard

Please let me know what you think anout my very first english mini review.

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A review of great quality (didn't watch the video part, though); nice, clear shots of everything of interest. Keep up the good reviewing work! :classic::thumbup:

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