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[O-F09] Human Trafficking

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Location: Arium Minor - F09

Tags: piracy, spaceship (satellite), land vehicle (truck), civilian building (container)

GEB7AY.jpg We received the information that a shipment of the Zoid´s human slaves is arriving on planet and will be sent to a Kawashita laboratory. We will track the shipment via satellite and ambush the transport at a convenient location and free the slaves!




"This is Ali. The tracker was placed successfully. You can commence with satellite tracking."




(The Octan truck is recycled and should not be judged.)



the Kawashita truck:



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Kawashita deny any involvement with the slave taking Zoid hives and denounce all such actions. That "Kawashita employee" must have been a red shirt clone gone wrong :wink:

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Sorry but the container cannot be counted as a building.

Also I think you should try to build things that looks less 80's :wink:

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