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Kodan Black

[O - H03] Enhance!

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Location: H03 Kaalin

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building



Mr. Drax was quite impressed with our entire operation. We showed him one of our mobile drilling rigs that allowed us to find Awesomnium veins and extract it easier than digging tunnels. A couple of our dedicated Octan employees were on hand to make sure it all worked properly. We showed him the blast doors we used to keep the whole facility safe. In the case of unexpectedly hitting a gas pocket or other danger we could slam the doors shut and prevent any issues with our operation being put in jeopardy.



With the fleet in orbit above the planet I was feeling quite safe and didn't figure I would have any issues with Mantis incursions. But we were alerted to an unknown ship jumping into the system. Before we could get any ships moved to intercept though it had vanished. Luckily one of our ships security cameras picked it up, but the picture that it got was almost useless in identifying the ship.


But thanks to the Octansoft "Enhance!" button we were able to improve it:


And pressing it again gave us a clear look at this mystery ship:


It wasn't a vessel anyone recognized and we couldn't determine what it had even done in system. We would need to analyze what path it might have taken to see if we could follow it and figure out what it was up to!

Extra Pics:







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Got to love that enhance button :laugh: (and pressing it again just made the joke even better)

I like the details on the wall too.

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