East India Company Troops?

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Interesting question as to what type of uniforms the overseas troops of the various East India Companies would wear.

Ofcourse POTC isn't the most reliable source for historical facts.

Before the 18th century there weren't any real uniforms used i think. I know that the Dutch troops were merely hired souls from all over mainland Europe and these would just looks sort of like this (with a variety of clothes and colors):


You can clearly see that the conquistador helmet is used and in many cases some breast armor was worn as well.

Uniforms were more something of the mid 18th century i think.

So anybody else has some ideas or pictures on this subject?

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Those uniforms in the first 2 pictures are British, and the people here are in India. Note the text under the second picture.

Great Britain made India to their colony in the late 18th century after they kicked the Dutch away. :pir_bawling:

So I think they are from the late 18th century.

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