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Capn Frank

Settlement: Astrapi, Île de Zeus, Oleon

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Name: Astrapi

Ownership: Nation of Oleon

Location: Île de Zeus, Oleon's Isle of Mystery

Mayor: Gideon Saulse de Bothnia (Gideon)

Who can own property in Astrapi: Anyone

Who can freebuild in Astrapi: Anyone





Astrapi is Oleon's first colony on the Île de Zeus. It was named after Zeus's mighty weapon, the Lightning, which legends say was dropped on the Île during the battle of the Gods versus the Titans. The settlement was originally established as a staging location for the flocking pilgrims, relic hunters and officials seeking to be the first to discover Zeus' Holy Relic. Built at the mouth of the "River of True Faith", the colony is also enjoying a rather tropical climate with mild rainfalls. The river itself is a gateway to the many inland sacred caves, forests and plateaus of the island. Some crocodiles are roaming free but they do not pose a serious threat. In fact, some native tribes regard them as Zeus favorite animals and treat them in a rather "peculiar" way. A special species of monkeys also dwell in the island, their colors being gray with orange arms. Natives say they are very easy to tame and make them act almost human-like.

Natural Growth:

  • --


Additional Forts in Protection Range:

  • --


Troops managed by Astrapi:

  • 1 Platoon | Astrapi | 10 men

Monopoly Properties:



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Astrapi Fort - Fort Small - License active

Now I hope I'll earn some DBs on the challenges or the next FBs I'll take pics of this weekend. Otherwise I could end up 5 DBs into the red. :pir-oh: (If my math is right that is. :pir_wacko:)

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I decided to compile a list of all the properties in Astrapi. Hopefully leadership will find this helpful.

Art and Culture

The Temple of Zeus | Large Art and Culture | KolonialBeamter 

Statue of Zeus | Small Art and Culture | KotZ 


Inn in Astrapi | Medium(?) Artisan | Phred 


Fishing and trade post at Zeus' island | Small Commerce | Blackdeathgr 

Astrapi Winery | Medium Commerce | Phred 

Astrapi Warehouse | Small(?) Commerce | Phred

Commercial Bureau - Small Commerce - License active


Astrapi Ship Wheel Factory | Small(?) Factory | Phred 

Brimstone extraction outside Astrapi - Small Factory - License active

Gunpowder for La Royale - Small Factory - License active


Astrapi Fort | Small Fort | robinnilsson403 

Fort in Astrapi | Medium Fort | Gideon 


Grape Plantation | Small Plantation | Phred

Holiday Tree Lot in Astrapi | Small(?) Plantation | Phred

Peppercorn Plantation in Astrapi | Small(?) Plantation | Phred

Come to think of it, there are more properties in Astrapi than I originally thought. 

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I have built the Treasury of Hades the Harvester (AKA The Thunderdome) as my AMRCA outcome. This has also been licensed, and should provide an extra 50db trade value for the settlement.


Edited by Ross Fisher

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