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[A - A07] 102.Q FM - Bazug's First Hit

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Location: Lesser Direstan

Tags: Civil, Building, Vehicle

Objective: Make a dramatic entry to Andromeda's Gates.

This is 102.Q FM Kawashitan Broadcasting:


This is the inside where all the stuff goes on:


And this is Bobby Bricks, Radio Personality:

25729432682_61cb415210_s.jpg "Hey everybody, Bobby Bricks here on 102.Q FM: The Sushi. Today we'll play some nice tunes and then we'll have a special guest for a new segment you'll love: How-To-Haiku."

But most interestingly, this is one of Bazug DeBug's fun contraptions- The Mobile Ladder Unit:


25729343862_2bf89be35e_s.jpg "My art takes a lot of different forms. I'm an innovative guy. Today's project is simple. Make some sense of this ridiculous Broadcasting Station."

Quickly and suddenly,


Shockingly and outrageously,


The Mobile Ladder Unit takes a new formation!


Bazug wastes no time in getting to work.


25729343862_2bf89be35e_s.jpg "Just a few modifications and this'll be perfect. Oh yeah, that looks real nice."

25729432682_61cb415210_s.jpg "Hold up all you listeners. I heard a crazy noise outside the studio. Im'a go check it out. Listen to this junk while I'm gone."

When Bobby gets there, Bazug is already long gone.


His artistry, however, remains.


Here's a nice link to a full gallery, including a deleted scene, if you love it just that much.

Comments and Criticisms, Puns and Witticisms welcome!

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Hilarious! I'm liking bazug already. I can't wait to see what happens when he visits a mantis planet.

Agreed, he should do an AG road trip visiting all the corporations in turn :classic:

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Well even me being on the K-team, I think this is a hilarious build! Nicely played!

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone, I didn't know what kind of response I'd get from you, especially Kawashitans.


25729343862_2bf89be35e_t.jpg Did somebody suggest a Round-The-Galaxy Art Excursion? Dragonfire? Eh? It's a thought. I'll think on it. Ah what the heck? Secret's out then, that's my plan. Octan, you're next. Bazug is comin' for ya. watch your steps.

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Art. Sci-Fi needs more good art. Like Bazug's.

Thanks, man!

The judges awarded you 4 points.

That's awfully decent of them.

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Hahaha great one :) Small but effective moc! I really like the letters and frequency used there :thumbup:

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