[M - G02] MFX-9 Flashbulb

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Location: Freegate (G02)

Tags: Spaceship

Aboard the Mantis Science Vessel Horizon in low orbit.

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Ok Doc, what's the plan?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Command have assigned us an MFX-9 Flashbulb for our little experiment, it has just arrived in system and is en-route."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Wow, I assumed we'd have to scrape by with an old comms drone the way Capt Keynes responded to our request. I've not even seen an OFX-9 before, the Titan never had any GATE equipped drones."

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "They're an excellent bit of kit sir, get rid on the need to recover fighters before a jump and redeploy afterwards, they allow you to jump into system and full combat readiness."


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Armament is 2 light gauss rifles and 2 M-class Death-rayTM Blasters."


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Guidance and targeting relies on a QP-7 multi-spectral sensor up front."


analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "And in system propulsion is provided by a C04-N heavy ion drive."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "And it will find us the Kawa ship?"

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "Well sir, our analysis of the data pulled from the OSS Profit revealed it was fitted with an experimental GATE drive. We believe the key to the drive anomaly was the use of a mithril alloy in the primary field motivator."

moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Mithril?"

analyst_zpsfmkvzer2.jpg "Operative Hawk is bringing some up from the surface as we speak. It should be within the capabilities of our materials lab to produce the alloy."

DrF2_zpsjqfcdrbx.jpg "The Flashbulb GATE drive on the MFX-9 should be fairly easy to refit with an alloy motivator then we can begin the experiment."


moose_zpshtneimaq.jpg "Excellent!"

Yep, I missed entering this on Monday, so it's a week 39 build. Although this does mean I don't have to worry about missing week 39!

I think I was channelling the Millennium falcon a little during the build, which is odd as my original plan was to base it on a TIE advanced.

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