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EB member mechs contest entries

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Post your finished nechs here. If you have questions, go to my other topic.

The contest will end on December 15th, if you haven't got it untill now. ;-)


Edit by Hinckley: For contest rules and discussion check out this thread...

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This is my first Mech, so go easy on me. Its used by my sig fig at times, but mostly by my sigfigs security team. Here they are shown getting rid of a certain pikeman (If you read the interviews, you"ll know)


Here we have a General Pic, The right hand is a hand, and the other is a weapon mount.


As you see the arms ae quite posable... Unlike the legs..


A Close up of the cockpit...

I made it brown for no good reason, Its meant to be simple, with parts that arent rare or anyhting. and that can be built by most people.


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Here is my entry: Shakar Special

It comes with his magic staff, and has two color modes: Blue (Standard) Mode


and Red (Combat) Mode, which uses a sword along with the magic staff


Please note the black katana, Shakar's fav weapon [from his sigfig's original decription], included in the base of the mech's staff.

A detail of the cocpit


BrickShelf gallery here.

Thanks to Shakar for the permission to use his sigfig in this contest :-$


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Here's my entry, the Zero Battler:

He features the shoulder armor, head design and the thick legs of the sig-fig.

The front:


The back:


Mimicking the movements of the minifig:


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Heres my entry - One of my first mecha ever built, please be easy on me :-P (and the color scheme!)


Triumphantly stands on the 3 year old semi I've built.. can see some poseability and gunwork here. This is the most joints I have ever used on a mecha, I tried to model the frame having about the same moveability as a human joints, and I think I just about hit it :-$



Here is the fig the mech would be based on: Commander of the mercinary army (Even the visor matches the mechs eye color heh)

Here is the entire gallary aswell:

Thanks for lookin

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booyah my harbinger-mech is online...

if i have too many pics, sorry... :-D edit- seems i did oh well...

on a side-note meeeeee... >:-)


Edited by steelharbingerofdeath

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Here is my entry. This is the first ever mech i have created, i made it especially for this contst and i hope to build more in the future.

Arrrrrgh, stupid photoshop wont allow me to make my picture small enough to fit on here.

expect it sometime soon.


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I hope this works...


Well, here she is, Trexxen's Sig-Mech: The Reaper.

It sports a great Scythe (great in power, anyways ^.~), and a large railgun on the other arm. The weapon can pierce through a 10-meter thick carbon nanotube wall, making it one of the strongest weapons ever produced for a medium-sized Mecha.

As for the actual design aspects, I took a lot of inspiration from Exo-Force mechs; and quite a bit from Bionicle, as well (the upper legs, some of my favorite parts, are ENTIRELY Bionicle...well, Bionicle and Throwbots.). When it comes to features, this mech has some interesting ones, namely the detachable jetpack, openable jetpack hood, and movable wings, as well as the standard openable cockpit.

As for the upper arms, I made them asymmetric. Why? It looked cool =P Seriously though, the upper arms are made to be powerful looking, and the one holding the heavy scythe should obviously have a little more "oomph" in its swing, hence the larger armor there. (That trans-black cockpit looks GREAT as armor btw.)


Here we have the back of the mech, showing off the jetpack. It's made almost entirely out of MM parts; with the trans-orange bulb providing a "shield" for the main thruster set. The thrusters themselves are made from two different designs - the left and right thrusters are trans-dark-blue cones with dark-blue Barraki eyes attached to black goblets, while the middle one is another TDB cone with a blue jewel on it - it's attached directly to the plus-rod.

But wait...what does this mech have to do with my sig-fig? Does Trexxen even have a sig-fig?

Yep, and it's time to unveil it - sort of ^.~


(Note that the head on it is not the actual head, but rather, a "mask" (read: masked head) that allows him to breathe and other such stuff while traveling at high speeds in the mech.)

The sig fig (In mech-pilot form) consists of:

One OldDarkGrey "sailor hat" (Don't know how to describe it =P)

One Head w/ Mask

One Ninja Torso Armor, turned backwards

One Mars Mission Torso

And white legs w/ light grey waist.

Of note is the little clip on the side, which is now holding my sig-fig's scythe. As for how to make it...

1 Black Lightsaber Beam

1 Black Ninja Katana

1 Black Technic Pin Connector += (hard to describe the piece =P)

There, I hope I've gotten this entry post right...and gotten you to like this mech XD

(Also, if anyone wants to see a gallery, I may make a new topic for this mech soon is unknown though =P)


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Well as promised, here it is. This mech is practically 100% SNOT.

This is mainly used for night recon missions and stuff like that.

This is the mech.


Here is the back o fthe mech showing the jetpack and nitro jets.


Here is the interior. Inside is a wrench, a handgun, and the controls.


Enjoy and this contest shall be interesting!

Here's the topic with more pics.

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Okay heres Mine. It has the tuxedo of my second sigfig, the grumpy one, aswell as his white gloves.

I call it:

The Backpack Heavy Assualt Mech

I call it this because it carries a highly manouvreable defense fighter on its back, which is piloted by my archenemy-turned-teammate-for-a-short-time iamded! X-O

The arm on the left of this pic is a claw for grabbing and crushing enemies, and has a rotor blade in it for sucking and blowing things out of its path. The arm on the right doubles as a claw, laser and satellite, as it can open its claw to grab things, shoot, or get radio reception. I am in the bubble at the top, which provides me with almost perfect visibility.


Here is the back, showing iamded in the awesome little fighter. The legs and arms are very chunky to support my mechs weight, and are well armoured:


Last pic ( I think we should be allowed to post 4 but thats ok) shows the two rooms located in my mech. The upper level is a control room for iamded when not in his little fighter, but sometimes Exo-Builder helps us out. The bottom room is for captured Robots and necrobots, and the occasional PSPGuy. I had to hold out the fighter in this shot because it was my last one, look at my hand! X-O :-$


Brickshelf gallery here:

Hope you liked it and stay tuned for a tiny comic in the discussion thread that shows off my Ofnir Dragon!

To the Brickmobile! >:-)

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There be pirates here. Arrrr. *pirate*

Just cause me sig-fig is pirate don't mean i haven't got a mech ;-)

So here she be:


She's got two cannon on the larboard side, and on the starboard side there be the anchor mace. Arrrr.

Yee be careful around that mace; your mech may get hurt. >:-)


What kind of pirate would i be without me cutlass and musket?

Just in case i have to abandon mech.


Then there be me treasure at the stern.

Stowed away securely in the hold.

You'll have to get through me mech, to steal me treasure. Arrrrr.

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Here is my entry:

Shadow marine

not much of an intro, but hey X-D

The front:


The back:


With my sig fig, on a diorama:


For more pics of the weapons, the diorama and stuff --- The gallery ---


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Allright, I'm going to post my mech now. Here is my mech with my sig-fig.


I really like the combination of green and white.

My mech also has the ability to fire small lasers out of it's hands in danger.

The spear can fire out jolts of electricity and create a shield.

the jetpack can come off and become a small fighter jet.


Hope you enjoy! X-D

Edit: I noticed the rules said you can only have 3 pics so I took some of them out. :-$

Edited by AgentRick57

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I stayed up all night to finish it but here is my entry:

Copmike Mech


I suppose this is what would happen if Joel Shcumacher wrote the Walrus and the Whacker... :-$


What's this? Armor plated mech butt? And what's that pink thing? It's the fuel tank. :-D


You're in double trouble if Copmike gets you in his sights...

Well, I'm not much of a mech builder and this is only my second mech but I had fun building it and now my homework is done for my comic as Copmike needs a mech for an upcoming issue! X-D

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Well, the contest is over now. No more entries into this thread, please!!!

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