[M-F03] You're Going To Need These

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Location: F03 - Forring


Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Inside the Mantrix

100x100.pngOk, that is enough of what you call hand to hand combat training. Follow me.


100x100.png So you can make stuff disappear at will, but you need to walk to this next place?

100x100.pngNo, I am merely toying with you and testing your patience. Here we are.


100x100.png Choose your weapons. Training begins again shortly.

100x100.jpg Holy ...... This is going to be awesome.

To Be Continued...

Thanks for checking out my weekly build! To see the whole rack of weapons, check out the model on Mecabricks. Try to find all of the easter egg weapons!

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"Guns, lots of guns"

Now all we need is groundbreaking action scenes and mindblowing philosophy :grin:

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