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[MOC] Warm, cozy, sunny... Morning room

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Creaking wooden floor. The magical smell of old furniture, dust. Warm light of the sun, the ancient thick books. Firm spring mattress, feather pillow. Laughter from the playground, flying from the sky the snowflakes stick to the window. Soft, but prickly carpet. The cold iron handles of the bed... (с) special for this MOC from my friend Red Panda Alex.

The interior of the small female bedroom in the style of the 70s the USSR.


Warm, cozy, sunny... Morning room by Nikita Lazarev, on Flickr

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Nice athmosphere and lighting!

Thank you. From light much was up in this work, was not easy.

Спасибо вам, за это прекрасное творение. :wink:

(Thank you for this beautiful creation.)

Пожалуйста, очень рад, что понравилось. (Very glad that you liked.)

Edited by Lazarev N.

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Really well done! I kind've want to sleep in that room even made out of Lego.

Reminds me a little from the room at the beginning of Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns!

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