Settlement: Salida Este, Ferro Azure, Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Salida Este

Ownership: MCTC

Location: Ferro Azure

Mayor: @Umbra-Manis

Who can own property in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction.

Who can freebuild in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction.

Settlement size: City

Fortifications: One large, one medium fort, and two small forts.

Troops: As of Oct 10, 617, there are 60 troops stationed here (one locally financed company, one company financed by the mayor).

Check out the Salida Este Index.

Salida Este has one company of troops (30 men).

Please post any free-builds that take place in Salida Este in this thread.

If you want to license a piece of property in Salida Este, post in this thread and fill out the web form.


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Colonial Cotton Plantation (Largest Rank)





On 9.3.2016 at 4:43 PM, Kai NRG said:

Special Offer!

For a limited time only, MCTC is offering a 20% rebate on all properties licensed in Salida Este. To take advantage of this, be sure to let us know in this thread what size of a license you have bought. MCTC will not reimburse anyone who does not inform us as specified above. This offer is open to any player, from any faction.

Iron Mine -> Cost 75 DBs (not counting prospecting costs) -> 20% = 15 DBs

Medium Commerce -> Cost 40 DBs -> 20% = 8 DBs

Colonial Plantation -> Cost 3.000 DBs -> 20% = 600 DBs

=> I hereby claim my total rebate of 623 DBs.

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