LUGPol In 3D Lego Mosaic

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Hello Eurobrickers!

LUGPol does it mean Lego Users Group Poland, so a logo should be also in the bricks :)

napis1-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg napis2-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg napis3-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg napis4-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg ludzik_lugpolu1-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg ludzik_lugpolu2-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg ludzik_lugpolu3-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg ludzik_lugpolu4-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d1-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d2-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d3-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d4-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d5-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg lugpol_w_3d9-step1.jpg_thumb.jpg

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