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Kodan Black

[O -- H03] Confederate Collaboration

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Location: H03 Kaalin

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building



After my successful assistance in providing ice for the new executive club that CEO pombe had opened aboard the Axle I had been sent to Kaalin to operate as a liaison for a Merchant Confederate member who would be touring one of our mining operations. Apparently the person coming for a visit was an associate of Bruce Vayne's and was interested in our methods and Awesomnium processing. Given that I had recently been promoted to the 3rd Branch Executive position I was deemed a suitable choice to handle the meeting.

Our meeting place was one of our primary ore processing facilities and was near the site or a memorial that had been set up on the planet for the incident tha thad happened in the nearby mines that had destroyed 217 robots and killed 2 humans. The official story was that an unexpected biogas pocket had been encountered during drilling and that a failed safety switch had prevented the robo-drillers from shutting down. ED-208 had told me that from the data files he had been able to access from the robo-drillers before the incident, there was audio of one of the humans voices saying: "Of course it is safe, hell you can drop kick these explosives and nothing would happen! Watch..." I find it very fortunate that the humans were so jovial just before the robo-driller set off that biogas pocket, that way they weren't aware of what was going to happen and weren't terrified. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!


The Merchant Confederate space car was small and unarmed, which I took as a sign of the trust our corporation has established with them. ED-208 said at least this thing wasn't some dumb land vehicle that had just been dropped out of a ship. I'm not sure what that meant, but I reminded him to be polite once our guest arrived. Dr. Allison was already down below making sure that everything was all set up for our upcoming tour.


Extra Pics:



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I love that micro buggy, and that yellow plane is super cool. The contrast between the factory and the grass is great.

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