Big Sal

[M - E01] Mission F2E01

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Location: E01

Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying

Excerpt from the mission logs of Big Sal:

Date: 5 Marzn 3816.

Mission Code: F2E01.

Location: Octan territory, Donwarr.

Mission Objective: Find and sabotage Octan communications equipment hidden in the forest.

Excerpt ends.


24897686574_3e1a213e19_o.jpgPlease slow down Sal! We're sure to hit a tree at this rate!

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgNonsense! I used to be a pilot, remember? My reflexes are excellent.

24897686574_3e1a213e19_o.jpgFine, but how are we ever going to spot the aerial at this speed??

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgI'll see it. Wait, there it is!


24897686574_3e1a213e19_o.jpg17971638684_ed691be654_o.jpg AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


Excerpt from the mission logs of Big Sal:

Mission Outcome: Success - target destroyed.

Excerpt ends.

Thanks for reading! Not much time for a big story this week. C&C welcome. More pictures of the car in the spoiler.







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Really great terrain this week. I like the two slightly different colorings of the tree/cactus for the dried out version.

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