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Lego town hospital upgrade to match Modulars

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And... done.

Finally finished the hospital and that is all I will upgrade for now, next step is the interiors and modding the green grocer to be playable from the back... which I will leave myself some time for.

So for those that came late here is a link to the police station:

And fire station

So one more time... here was the problem:


Which is the odd one out? :)

So here was the plan:


And here the results




And one more:


And now from the back... here I have to say I did nothing with the interior yet, almost totally out of usable bricks at this stage... something for my next project... also you will note I stuffed up my colour order of the floor tiles... such is life, something for next time.


So now that I am done, what do they all look like together?


And another:


And one from a lower perspective:


And there you go... that will be it for a while as I do some other things but it was a lot of fun and I think the results are respectable.

Got to love lego.


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Neat! I think the awning over the door would look better with regular red wing plates, but I'm not sure if they're available in that color.

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Yeah, I think I looked for them but they were not available in the normal red for some reason,,, so a compromise there,

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Oh man seeing that original fire station brought back memories... Definitely liking the updated take on the buildings.

Did you have to sacrifice the old buildings or are they still together?

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I used all of the old bricks in the new buildings to keep the costs down, also it was a bit of a challenge in a way, :) in the end all I had left over were two skylight pieces from the fire station... :)

need to change a few things to improve the stability of some of the floor elements but it mostly works as is.

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