[MOC] Brick Booty - Lego Coin Pusher

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Brick Booty - Lego Coin Pusher

I am finally getting around to taking pictures and video of this build. It was originally built for Brickworld 2015 and it was a hit with the public as well as participants. This is similar to coin pusher games you see in the arcade. Players insert a 2x2 brick or smaller in the top of the machine on either side. The bricks will then fall down a ramp and land on top of the pirate ship underneath the bridge. The pirate ship moves forward and backward pushing bricks over the edge of the ship then eventually over the edge of the water. All pieces that fall over the water the player can keep.

Here is a video with some of the pictures below as well as video of the game in action.


1 - Brick Booty Front

In addition to the game play this was also my first attempt at mosaics.


2 - Brick Booty Right - Skull


3 - Brick Booty Left - Flag




The back is a large door that allows access to the mechanics of the game as well as allowing me to completely remove the playing surface if I would like. I have yet to pull the whole thing out of the cabinet but in theory I can.


The back is secured with a simple locking mechanism.



The mechanics are relatively straight forward. In the future I will apply a bit of lubricant to the gears when running for an entire convention. Technic experts and GBC guys could probably come up with a better design but this was my first real MOC with moving parts. I have since made another coin pusher machine and have a better gearbox and mechanism. This particular mechanism worked pretty reliably at Brickworld but when there was too much resistance on the pusher it did pop up. All I needed to do was to push on the top and allow the pusher to plow through and it worked fine afterward.


If worse came to worst, the top was able to come off. This allows me to fix problems but also makes it easy to remove my Plexiglas and clear out the machine after shows.


Like all real arcade coin pushers, this one has a "rake". If you notice above on the playing field there are two holes on either side of the water. Any bricks that fall in those holes are mine.


The full "rake" tray runs the width of the machine. This tray, when removed, allows me access to my working tilt mechanism. I did not take pictures because it is almost impossible but the reward shoot has two ramps. When winnings fall over the edge they fall to the left then reach another ramp that directs them to the right and finally to the collection tray at the bottom. The top of the right ramp is a trapdoor. That trapdoor is activated by a basic pulley system. If a player shakes the machine too much then a Lego "rock" (big heavy Lego clump) falls inside the machine, pulls a pin and activates the trapdoor causing everything that falls over the edge to fall inside the machine.


The sign is brick-built and easily removable.


Questions, comments, and criticism are welcome. Thanks for reading.

PS: Mods please feel free to move this topic to a different forum if it doesn't belong here.

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Haha Nerdzforprez,.

Anyhow, what i also like about this model is the red and white flag withthe dual canons, and the white and grey shinyness,.. (actually pretty impressive!) reminds me of the 'old days' when i played my first games,..

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Yo ho ho, awesome. Clever lock mechanism. Glad you use the Redcoats flag. Does payout more than it takes in? :pir-classic:

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Does payout more than it takes in? :pir-classic:

It all depends on when you play. The overall payout percentage is around 95%, similar to slot machines, but in varying rounds of playing 50 bricks at a time there were a number of times you would have won a lot more than you put in. The video I made had mostly payout clips because they are more interesting than non-payout clips.

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I really need to build this myself. I've always loved coin pushers and Lego but never thought about putting the 2 together. Do you have any plans on the build so i can build my own? Please say yes.


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