[O - E01] An Attempt at Salvage

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Location: Donwarr - E01

Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil Building

Their meeting at Freegate concluded, Octan Pilot John Hannibal and Merchant Confederacy Trustee / Admiral of the Merchant Fleet Bridge Callahan depart for Donwarr to investigate the debris fields left by the runaway Zoid slave ship.


"Have you been to Donwarr since MANTIS threw out our treaties?"

"A few times, John. Since Donwarr was taken by license before the war, the transition has been much smoother there. Our members are still operating their business... or creating new ones to adjust to the market."


"That's good to hear. We've seen a lot of needless suffering on Jurin II. It's too bad that exchange couldn't have been more civil."

"That's just the difference between a sale and a theft. In the former, both parties leave happy, in the latter, both are worse off. That economy still hasn't recovered since nobody knows if their business is going to be confiscated again. There's really no good way to deal with people that think they can just take whatever they want."


"My scan is complete, John. No tracking devices, bombs, or signs of sabotage."

"Thank you, Dora. Callahan, Where to first?"


"A strip bar in the lower districts where we'll find our driver. We'll get there early enough to miss the patrons, but you should ditch the Octan colors, regardless. No need to stir up any hotheads."

"Fair enough. This driver, proprietor, stripper, or patron?"


"Patron, a bit of a drunk, but he sobers quickly. Besides, he's the only one with the equipment we need... a H-Class beach rover with the towing capability to move heavy scrap. Anything nautical will be risky considering the lack of cover and jumpiness we've seen from MANTIS lately."

"Time to move, our satellites got a hit on a heavier section of the ship and signs of life nearby."


"Looks liak a bust to me C'mander, whate'er signs of life y'all pic'tup wit dem sateelites curnt've com from dis 'er rekage, dam t'ing a'redy burnt'up on reentry."

"There must be something down here. Keep her running while I get a closer look."


"Huh, must be one of Pombe's crew. Hey pal, you out here investigating the wreckage? Looks like you beat us to it."

"Not exactly. You got an extra pair of pants? Mine didn't survive the fire."


To be continued...

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I don't know which part I like the best - the rover, bar, and ship with landing pad are all really great! Love the guy throwing up in the bar :grin:

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Wow - you went all out this week! The ship looks great; I really like the curved sand green/dark red panels framing the canopy, and the triangle exhaust on the back is perfect.

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