Kodan Black

[O - E01] Stealthy Supply Run

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Location: E01 Donwarr

Tags: Science, Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle, Civil Building



I had been called back to the Axle by our CEO pombe. He informed me that he was starting an executive club on the Axle with Bruce Vayne and that he needed me to acquire some very particular supplies. He needed pure, untainted ice from a comet for the drinks and he said that he needed me to also get him some drinks. His exact words were: "Some really good stuff!" As a scientist I know how important being healthy is so I made sure to get a large container of orange juice. Plenty of vitamin C which is really good for you! Pombe had said that this was a vital mission and that he was providing me with the latest stealth ship -- though on my inspection it looked more like a cargo tender that had been painted black. However, stealth isn't my area of expertise so I'm sure I simply wasn't aware of some of the Top Secret parts of the ship. The ship itself was pretty fun to pilot and I got the ice for pombe's new exclusive executive club, so I was sure he would be excited!



ED-208 had been sent down to Donwarr to ferry around some Octan employees on one of our rovers. He was annoyed that the rover wasn't armed, but he seemed to enjoy being able to race it around. I told him that it was inspired by a very old lunar rover that wasn't armed and that he should be fine anyway as the area he was in hadn't seen any Mantis activity in weeks.

There was a lot of activity on Donwarr actually as Dr. Allison was on assignment to investigate how Awesomnium responded to being tempered at different temperatures. She was working with several engineers and safety folks at an underground lab and said that it was proving to be very interesting work. She enjoyed doing things and not just being stuck in a lab waiting for mice to contract a disease or injecting them with Awesomnium. I was glad that my team was able to contribute to our corporation's success so much!




Extra Pics:

I know there are a lot of my "stealth ship", but for some reason I overall like the way it turned out.







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Yeah, you're right to be pleased with the ship - it's really nice! I especially like the LBG plates inside the cargo area - they make it look very realistic and industrial somehow :thumbup:

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Only the most important tasks for Kodan. Your transport Los really good. The angles on the front give it a nice shape.

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