Big Sal

[M - E01] Mission T4E01

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Location: E01

Tags: Land Vehicle, Spying


25247658761_b184351a68_o.jpgI don’t understand this, Sal. Why isn’t it moving anywhere?

22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgI don’t know, Greene. See if you can hack into their comms.


22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgGetting anything?

25247658761_b184351a68_o.jpgI’m picking something up… but it can’t be coming from the tank. That would be ridiculous.

24710201194_daebb35b39_o.jpg....... requesting assistance........ engine trouble............... unable to take off.....


22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgUgh, you’re useless, let me have a go.


22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgThis is fun, eh Greene? I told you spying isn’t that dangerous. You’re probably safer here than in the lab!






Thanks for reading! C&C welcome. More pics of the tank in the spoiler.




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Love the tank, reminds me of WWII era tanks. Nice to see the Bruce cameo too. I like the story and Sal's continued willingness to abandon his comrades at the first sign of trouble. I like the ground cover and the woman-eating plant.

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I love how you managed to include Bruce. When will Octan learn to make a proper spaceship? :laugh: I'm curious who has lost more assistants? You or Col. Brick. I like how you kept the yellow Chiral biomass on Donwarr.

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Awesome build. The flora really sets the scene. I also like the tank, it has a World War One style to it. Really large and bulky.

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That Octan tank is awesome! :thumbup: Very nice landscape as well!

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