[MOC] Incom T-70 X-wing fighter from Ep VII

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Here is my take on a Incom T-70 X-wing fighter from the Force Awakens in a micro(ish) scale, here in Poe Damerons colours

I thought LEGO's original version (30278) was a bit low on details, so decided to try a version of my own... :classic:

I know there are still details that are not completely correct (like the halfmoon engine intakes), but there are several limitations working with micro scales. And I'm far from being an expert. Actually I'm a beginner... :laugh:

But anyway, I hope you like it. I'm actually quite happy with the result myself :blush:

25251710586_67b047aa8c_k.jpgIncom T-70 X-wing 2 by Kenneth, on Flickr

24910293659_dd92ddefa0_k.jpgIncom T-70 X-wing 3 by Kenneth, on Flickr

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That's really cool, I like how you did the split wings at this scale. I wish there was some way to get rid of that gap caused by the hinge plates though, and the nose seems a bit blunt. :sceptic: Overall, it's pretty good though! :thumbup:

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Thanks for the nice comments :wink:

Yeah, I too wish I could get rid of that gap between the wings and the body... I just haven't cracked that one yet... :blush:

Also the blunt nose is a bit of a challenge. I tried with the "slope-plate", 92946.jpg, but then the slope effect was missing underneath the nose, making it look even funnier. So I decided to leave it like this :classic:

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