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  1. 1. Should I go that new design technique direction I described below this poll in my post?

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Hey guys!

As my Techtroners LEGO SPACE pseudo subtheme becomes more and more known (and maybe even popular in a way) I am starting to think about some real important changes to the way I am designing my MOCs which would have really strong visual effect on my future builds...and yet would be pretty challenging too for me to design them in that way I guess! :laugh:

Many times some of you kind of "complain" (OK, I know it is not the best description of the matter but I am unable describe it differently...anyway I mean it really in a good manner :wink: ) that my MOCs may look fine but there is one thing that somehow ruins it all a bit: as I am basically "prototyping" new bricks' colors it is quite often not possible building such design for real because such brick colors simply do not exist, of course. :sceptic:

Some other "complain" from time to time is also the fact that some of my MOCs look too complex = too many bricks needed for their construction with real LEGO bricks (in fact I was always adoring those older TLG designers - mainly those form 80's - that were able doing so much and big looking stuff with just "a few" bricks used like <400 for a big space station compared, for example, to my own designs...wow!) - my "normal" brick count is actually somewhere around 1000 +/-. :blush:

So my question is:

- do you think I should go the way of designing my future Techtroners MOCs FROM EXISTING BRICK COLORS ONLY AND NOT THAT COMPLEX (like, let's say, 500 pcs as maximum thus making my MOCs looking not that too many bricks and fancy anymore)?

- or should I STAY WITH MY CURRENT APPROACH (thus making it looking somewhat amazing still BUT ppl would not be able build it in a designed way)?

Please, show me your opinion in my poll if you may - I would be very thankful to you if you do! :thumbup:

P.S.: this would have effect on all of my newly designed MOCs from 2016 onward but would not be taken to consideration to MOCs that are already designed but not publicly released yet (one can very easily tell when was one designed by my numbering: just look at the middle two digits of MOC's respective number - it is the year it designed! :grin: ).



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