Greetings from the Polish toy guy

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I am Wallas, a toy fan from Poland. While I mainly collect and deal with action figures and transforming toys, I have a soft spot for Lego too, as it was a solid chunk of my interests as a child.

Now, as a grown up, my biggest hobby and favourite online activity is video-reviewing on Youtube through my two channels, and that's what I would like to share with you the most while staying here (as long as it's Lego-related, no other toys or off-brand bricks intended), and hopefully improve my skills as an AFOL with a camera in the process :)

I also like to take pictures of my toys and sets and occasionally build MOCs, so I can show you these when I make them.

This is my first Lego community I'm signed up to that's not in my native language; I wanted to share my work and talk to people who primarily use English in their everyday life, and Eurobricks seemed like a good place to start with, based on the number of topics, users, and their activity.

I hope we will have a fun and educating time together :)

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