Steer a vehicle with 1 motor by changing the motor rotation direction

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Good evening!

In WeDo 2.0 set there is only 1 motor, which can be remotely switched on and off by using the iPad app (by writing a Scratch program).

Also motor rotating direction can be toggled remotely.

As an inexperienced LEGO builder I wonder if it is possible to build a remote-controlled vehicle out of 280 WeDo 2.0 pieces, which would be steered by changing the motor rotation direction.

Initially I was thinking of using a caster wheel, which would roll straight when vehicle drives forwards.

And it would snap to a certain angle, when motor rotates in the other direction.

But then I have got a nice advice to use a ratchet instead.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work well. There is too much friction - on the axles of all 3 wheels and on the rubber band:

I wonder if experienced LEGO builders can propose a better vehicle out of WeDo 2.0 parts than mine:

And I feel that my Scratch program for iPad can be improved too, since it is not very responsive to user input (when touching the 4 green arrows):

Thank you for any suggestions


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So I have an simple trick I found online once that I think could be implemented:

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does it have to steer by going forwards, or can you stop and reverse with steer, then drive forwards again? The alternate dune buggy model of the 8479 has a good example of this.

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