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[SoNE Freebuild 20] Kuati Spaceport

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After the events surrounding the Suprosa, the Rebels headed to the nearby system of Kuat…

“This is the first string of luck I’ve had since I asked the Rebel Alliance to help me break you out of prison!” exclaimed Kale.

“What do you mean?” asked MKJoshA.

“I just heard that the fleet is heading to Kuat” answered Kale, “And that’s where we need to be!”

“And why do we need to be on Kuat?” asked Josh.

“I’ll tell you on the way” was Kale’s response.

The Rebel fleet that had attacked the Suprosa dropped out of hyperspace a short jump from Kuat and just a couple ships completed the journey to the planet carrying Kale, Josh, Mon Mothma, some other Rebels, and the super computer.

Kale and Josh took one of the first shuttles down to the planet’s surface.

“Well remember” started Kale, “how I promised you I could help you prepare to avenger your brother’s death?”

“Yes…” said Josh.

“And remember how I told you I knew a guy that could help?”

“Yes, and?”

“Well,” said Kale, “really there’s a guy friend of this girl I know who’s an attendant to a former senator, Senator Lysani who lives on Kuat’s surface.”

“Wait,” interrupted Josh, “I didn’t think there was anything on Kuat’s surface except for endless farms? You know, to feed all the people who work in the rings around the planet?”

“Well there’s that too,” answered Kale. “But there are some small settlements on the surface. I mean, someone has to keep the equipment running right? Anyway, so this senator retired there because it was quiet and hired some help and that’s where my friend comes in.”

“So she knows how to defeat Mandos?” asked Josh.

“No,” said Kale exasperatedly. “Try to keep up, remember that my friend has a guy friend. He’s the one that knows how to beat Mandos.”

“And how did he learn that?” asked Josh.

“Well, the Kuati have this weird tradition of raising what they call telbuns, the perfect male” began Kale. “One of these telbuns was offered to Senator Lysani some time ago. His father was owed a favor by a Mandalorian so he had his boy train with them for some time. He had the body to look at and the brawn behind it so he made the perfect telbun for an up-and-coming Kuati aristocrat. He’s the one who’s going to help you learn how to defeat the Mandos that killed your brother.”


By this time they had landed at one of the spaceports on Kuat’s surface. It was a small, rural port more used to seeing farmers than politicians, though, Josh noticed at least one person of wealth taking off in his chauffeured speeder. He hoped the extra Stormtroopers were there because of him and not because they had gotten wind that the Rebellion was there.


“If the Empire was able to identify me on Fondor, won’t they notice us here?” asked Josh.


“Nah,” said Kale. “These Stormtroopers know they are stationed in a dead-end job so they barely look at anyone. We’ll be fine!”

More Pictures!




(the elevator actually works)

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Thanks guys! It took me a really long time to finish this. I'm glad you like it!

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Awesome rock structures - I know from experience how hard those can be to get right. I also really like the rounded platforms on the top of the spaceport. Great build!

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Those rock spires are awesome and the whole feeling of the build is cool. Very good work!

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