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Hey guys

From time to time I use to play a bit with new rendering light setup for my renders and the latest one (basically still just a prototype of one of the next MOCs of mine) makes me a bit head ache as I am not sure which version - lighter or darker - looks more natural (in a way, of course)...please, tell me what do you think, what is your opinion (thanx in advance for any thoughts on these two)? :blush:

BTW: I personally favor the lighter one but as I am using white background and there is a lot of white color bricks it may sometime become visibly bleeched at some spots of that color, so I really don't know: do you think it is too obvious (there for it would be better avoiding such version) or could I go with the lighter one anyway? :laugh:

Please, click images for FullHD versions so it is better visible...





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The lighter one, I'd have to say.

I agree, I think the lighter render looks better.

I think I might have to go with the lighter one as well.

Definitely the lighter one, unless you're going for a specific mood with the scene.

I like the top one, which you call the lighter one but looks way darker to me.

I'm going to say the darker one because to me you can see more details with it.

Thank you guys for all your input - I appreciate it :thumbup::wink: ...but although I purely visually like the lighter version more as most of you did I will probably stick with the darker one in the end for a while cos as @Forresto exactly pointed out - and that is basically my primary aim (besides the best possible photo realistic feeling) - in that darker one you clearly see much more details tho it is not that shiny, like helmet is not partially blended with the background (overexposed-like) as well as other white bricks, rounded parts have more "rounded" feeling to it and other things like that. Anyway I am still not 100% sure...ah, this is really hard with me all the time: perfection is simply holding me back, gosh (like having 30+ other MOCs ready but not finished still just because of stuff like this)! :laugh::grin:

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I think the lighter one also. Good work BTW!

Thanx but is it OK that some parts of the model are blended into the background (the big white "ventilator", minifig's helmet...) - isn't it a sign of non-perfection/problem? :look: Ah, I still do not know but last days I am thinking that the darker one is the way to go for me although as I already said I like that lighter one more...basically I want to preserve as much of detail as possible without being too dark + also it looks to me that the darker one have more depth to it.

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